No matter who you are, there's a good chance you're at least somewhat familiar with FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. Pai proposed to repeal Obama-era net neutrality laws that have been in place since 2015, and on December 15, 2017, this proposal was officially passed in a 3-2 vote.

Pai's stance on net neutrality has made him an incredibly disliked public figure, and it's gotten to the point where his safety has been put at risk. A bomb threat was called in during the December 15 meeting right before the net neutrality repeal, and now it's been confirmed that Pai won't be attending CES 2018 due to death threats.

Ajit Pai was scheduled to have a fireside chat during this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and while it was announced on the evening of January 3 that this had been scrapped, it wasn't confirmed until January 4 that the reason for this was, in fact, death threats.

The FCC hasn't officially commented on this matter, simply saying "We do not comment on security measures or concerns."

As it's mentioned at the beginning of this article, it's one thing to disagree with someone's stance on an issue, but making threats to their well-being is both counterproductive and illegal. Talking with people in office about things that affect us all is how we make progress, but if Pai can't show his face at an open setting because of threats like this, nothing gets done.

Feel free to vent and complain all you want about Pai's net neutrality stance, but make sure you think twice before threatening the man's life.

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