Fancy Snap

We all want our sexting to be fun and easy, right? A new Android app dubbed Fancy Snap promises that with an ingenious way to send pictures so that they aren't saved on the phone you sent them to. Set a time limit, and your picture "self-destructs" when the limit is reached, keeping your goodies from ending up on some weird Tumblr blog that your dad might read. Neither party has to subscribe to anything or open an account anywhere, and the recipient doesn't have to have the app installed. There's a built-in photo editor for effects and accessory stickers, in case you want to add a touch of flair to your naughty bits. You can even tell if the recipient has read the message or not. Sounds fun and easy to me.

The app is free to send up to three messages per day. If you need to send more than three pictures of your rack or your wiener, you can buy the premium unlocker for $1.29. Grab it at the link below, then lock the door and turn the lights down low. If you're in my contacts, brace yourself ...

Fancy Snap at Google Play