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Facebook wants to dramatically simplify the process of sharing to Facebook

The new "share sheets" that Facebook is working on will unify sharing across the primary Facebook apps, including Facebook Groups and Messenger. The idea is to bring "the best sharing experience" to all of Facebook's apps instead of having multiple experiences to deal with varying experiences.

The idea of the new sharing sheet is to make things easier for users so they know what to expect no matter what Facebook app they're sharing to. Additionally, the new share sheet will also help you to see what your shared content is going to look like when you submit it onto Facebook.

Facebook didn't give an expectation of when we should start seeing the new share sheets available for Facebook app users, but we're hopeful it'll be coming soon.

Source: Facebook F8

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  • Facebook is trying really hard to finish what AOL started.
  • I'd just like them to bring back the ability to share with individual people from their mobile app. Was sharing really that complicated to begin with? Sounds like Facebook is just adding steps and making it more complicated.
  • No thanks. I'll stick with Google+ Google+ All Day Everyday
  • also if you can share links to people outside of Facebook - don't think its possible with videos currently...
  • You know how they can make facebook eaiser to use .... QUIT CHANGING IT. Posted via the Android Central App