Facebook testing automatic photo uploads via Android app

Facebook appears to be jumping on the automatic uploading of pictures bandwagon, rolling out a feature to select users that lets all pictures they take get uploaded to a private photo album in their account. Similarly to the way the Dropbox and Google+ apps operate, photos will be uploaded in the background and then managed at the user's discretion later. Facebook officially points out that they're rolling the feature out to a very small set of users -- which is customary for new Facebook features -- but considering there is already a help page for the feature, we'll bet that it will be coming to more users soon.

The other services do this feature well, but for those of you who prefer Facebook it's good to see some feature parity coming even as Facebook moves towards making a native Android app.

Source: The Verge, Facebook Help

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  • God, just wait for the new app before releasing new features. Someone needs to fire these app developers.
  • Maybe Facebook would like to pay for our wireless data usage for forcing us to upload photos to their servers and waste our data...
  • I would think that they will follow the example set by Google+ and give users the option to turn this feature on and off.
  • It does appear to need to be set up but if I find my photos uploaded without my say so I'll drop Faecebook like a toilet seat. I removed all my photos from there a while back, when a friend saw pics of herself in an ad. I just don't trust them with my photos!
  • If Facebook follows their usual MO, you will be able to turn it off, but only through the desktop website. And it will be turned on by default.
  • Well you get the choice of whether or not you'd like to upload them automatically. And assumedly it'd give you the option to only upload on WiFi like Google+ and Dropbox do.
  • Oh, I can't wait for all those folks Sexting and the next thing you see on a friends Timeline is their V-jay-jay or Weiner shots. This should be interesting.
  • This can only end in disaster. Get ready for a steady stream of drunk and naked pics from people who had no idea the image would be subject to auto upload.
  • or Sprint
  • I don't know if I'd trust Facebook with all my photos, even if they are in a private album.
  • I can just see it now. Someone clicks the wrong picture and uploads a photo of their penis...
  • If that cant be turned off i will delete facebook off my phone in a heartbeat.
  • I agree! They better have an option to turn it off.
  • Yup, its been there for me since the update to 1.9.9
  • I don't believe you...proof?
  • 1.9.9 on my Xoom has this option in the settings under "sync photos"...It's set to not share to facebook by default.
  • That sync photos option uploads the pics to your Mobile Uploads Album, and not a private album. If I am not mistaken, this will give you the option to upload them to a private folder then you decide whether or not you want to share it.
  • the native FB app uploads low res images..i believe G+ does your full size photos so its more of an actual storage option as opposed to just a sharing feature. On this new help page, it says they will upload smaller 100k file sizes when you're on a cell network, but no mention of Wi-fi...does this mean hi-res uploads on wi-fi?
  • This feature still doesn't make me want to use the Facebook app. It's crap until it is completely fixed or rebuilt natively like the iOS side is.
  • There's only ONE THING I have to say about "automatic photo uploads". And that is NO!!
  • Ok...... So you want to stay in the stone age, that's cool. I prefer my photos to be uploaded to a server vs sitting on my hard drive. Unless you are doing some type of illegal activity or a famous person....no one really cares about your pictures.
  • Ya the stone age of not wanting some money grubbing company that has shown countless times before they suck at protecting user privacy. Also do you not think they will be mining all those pictures for info to sell to companies? Also companies troll facebook looking for their employees, so why would you want to risk having something get out?
  • LOL stone age, huh? ;) If I'm really that eager to dump them off my phone I FTP them to my own storage. Or - you know, copy directly if I'm at home. Facebook isn't 'server storage' - it's public consumption. And not all the pictures I take are for the publics eye.
  • FB needs to change there terms of service if they plan to roll out this feature. The current ToS states that once you upload something to FB you still own it, but you grant FB "a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP License)." So basically, as long as it's uploaded on their servers, they can do anything they want with it.
  • I have zero trust in Facebook with an option like this.
  • Just get the Drop box app and turn on the photo upload agent. Instant backup of all your phone pictures, no sharing allowed unless you set it up.
  • heh, I already wrote this feature in an app, specifically to upload to a private facebook album. Do i get some prior-arts rights?