Facebook Lite is now available in the United States

No matter how active of a user you are, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the Facebook app has become incredibly bloated over the last couple years. If you aren't a fan of the million extra features it has and simply want to focus on the basics, you should probably check out Facebook Lite.

Facebook Lite has been around since 2015 as a stripped down version of the main Facebook app, but it's just now being released in the United States.

The app was originally designed for developing countries where smartphones aren't as powerful, but Facebook says it's now expanding to developed markets to help people stay connected even when they have poor data speeds.

In addition to the U.S., Facebook Lite is also coming to Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand, and Ireland.

Facebook Lite is rolling out to these countries now, and you can download it from the Play Store by tapping the button below.

Download: Facebook Lite (free) (opens in new tab)

Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • Is there some sort of side by side chart that tells you what comes with each version?
  • This...
  • Google is your friend
  • Then that makes this article just a presser announcing it's release.
  • If differences were in the article that would be a bonus, I agree. They are not , time to do some research.
  • Agreed and not a big deal to do so.
  • Just installed, like it. Do not need all the extras such as live video.
  • I tried this at work and it works much better than the regular Facebook app for me. I think the internet speeds in developing nations would rival the wifi speeds in my office, and it's a complete dead zone. Now I can actually check my feed during the day!
  • Yeah, this is good. I just need the basic FB interaction.
  • Been using it for a long time. Its good that I dont have to download apks for every update. As much as I hate Facebook, its still part of my cellphone activity....mainly for news, group chats, some send me msgs via FB, and when I have nothing to do I just look at how great other peoples lives are lol
    Seriously.....one dude in my friends list doesn't even know what work is.....10 month of luxury vacations and few months of actual work.....fcking *******
  • One thing I've learned is jealously for someone else's life will usually force you on your heels, not your toes where one should be in order to move forward in life. Stop looking at that dude's page. Never look at it again. It does you no good to look at other peoples lives and wish it were your life. Stop looking, start doing.
  • How does it.compare to say just using the mobile-web version or ,say, Friendly for Facebook?
  • It's pretty much the mobile website feel If I had to compare the two. But not everything setting off my notifications
  • Of course the listing on the Google play store has zero details on what the differences are between the two versions
  • Don't like it. If I had a piece of **** 50 dollar phone maybe.
  • That's a strong comment. I think it's great since Facebook has been a leech forever and a day, regardless of what phone you have.
  • How does it compare with tinfoil and metal?
  • metal falls in-between Facebook lite and the full version.
  • Ok cool thanks! Metal is my preferred app for fb.
  • What a useless article this was. Typical of the decline of AndroidCentral. Anyway, I dumped the Facebook App long ago and only use the web browser to access FB on my phone. Recently FB has become very unhappy with me, nagging me to install FB (or recently FB Lite). I will ignore the nag until given a good reason to use FB Lite instead of a browser.
  • Installed this on my Galaxy S5 and Nextbit Robin earlier today. Works good.
  • What are the differences if any between the two?
  • The only problem I have with this app is that it keeps showing a pop-up everytime the connection drops. That's very annoying