Hey look what we have here! The HTC Magic wasn't the only Android Device at MWC! We have the DSTL1 from General Mobile and guess what folks, it runs Android! We had originally reported on the DSTL1 coming to MWC and we were definitely impressed with its product shots. After taking a look at the device, it looks to be a solid first effort that just misses the mark.

Here are some of the notable specs:

  • 5 Megapixel Camera
  • Dual Sim Card Capabilities
  • 4 GB Internal Memory + microSD expansion
  • WiFi

and the not so notable info:

  • Resistive Touchscreen
  • EDGE Only
  • under $500, shipping Q2 2009

We can't deny that the DSTL1 looks beautiful--it's definitely sharper (and glossier) than any Android phone on the market and easily comparable to some of Windows Mobile's sleekest. What saddens us is the specs: the barely good enough resolution, the resistive touchscreen and the lack of 3G.

Unlike Windows Mobile, Android has no need for styli and resistive touch screens! And unlike the Blackberry Curve 8900, we LIKE our 3G! So Android Central's first impression is that this DSTL1 is a solid first effort and definitely interesting but there should be better options out there. We'll definitely keep our eyes open for DSTL2's or DSTL3's and General Mobile news in the future!

Read more to see a video of the DSTL1 !

[via engadget]


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