Evo Shift 4G accessories at Best Buy; handset name, pricing appear set

Looks like the Evo Shift 4G name's gonna stick for that upcoming Sprint horizontal slider, as accessories baring its name are beginning to roll into Best Buy. (So much for Knight and Speedy, we guess.) We're told Jan. 9 is to be the release date, which makes since if we see an announcement at CES the week before. Note that this likely isn't part of that whole "The first to 4G, again" campaign that's been started, as that's going to belong Verizon and the LTE-enabled Thunderbolt.

Also, Android Police scored pricing info -- looks like it'll be $150 on contract and $549 outright. We'll see soon enough.

Phil Nickinson
  • Not a bad price! Glad the Evo is becoming a brand.
  • I actually wish HTC named their products better.
    They have so many phones that are similar but they name them differently. Like Desire, Incredible, Evo, Eris, Hero, Legend, etc. They need to make a phone line with a solid name. It'll sell better because then people will be like "oh, you got the HTC Evo?" instead of saying "oh, you got an HTC phone?" Just my 2c.
  • i just hope this wont be a 4G device.....i really do not want to pay $10 for something i know i will never use
  • Aren't there other options on Sprint that aren't 4G if you don't want to pay the $10? Why not go with one of them. If you don't like them, that is just one of the downsides of being an early adopter...sometimes you pay for something that isn't available to you yet.
  • Unfortunately, there are no non-4g options if you want a higher end Android phone on Sprint.
  • a hero is still a great phone to buy
  • except i already have the hero and i would like something thats high end. no offense to sprint, but the other phones are crap.
  • i have a Hero too, but i want to upgrade. The only other phone that was a contender was the Evo, but i'm a girl & that phone is too BIG for my hands. Samsung, LG & SANYO are not an option. So i'm glad this phone is going to Sprint & its HTC!! Lord yes!
  • That will be a great selling price, im glad.
  • Of course it's 4G, hence the name Evo Shift 4G. I am willing to go out on a limb and say the $10 fee won't apply. It is not a 4G fee....so they say. Guess we shall see.
  • Better get off that limb, it's gonna break! Why would the data plan requirements for the Shift be different from the other 2 4G phones?
  • You need to get real. Of course the $10 fee is there.
  • Why would it not carry the $10.00? Not like the thing is a flip phone with a 1.5 inch screen where you wouldn't get any benefit from improved data.
  • @jc78: The Optimus has gotten rave reviews. If you want higher end phones, you have to be willing to pay. While I don't agree with how Sprint handled the explanation of the $10 fee, they have every right to charge it. Still the best data plan and price. Stop whining.
  • Yep even though my 4g is spotty at times (atlanta area), I happilly drop down $170 a month for my family plan, 3 phones and basically unlimited everything
  • @bubbatex: because Sprint claims it isn't a 4G fee. They say it's the rich data experience. This phone is more in line with mid range phones, than the two 4G superphones.
  • i wouldnt say this is in line with midline phones at all. If it has the same architecture as the g2 its is superior in speed to the evo.
  • Too bad it is a small, non-Evo-like screen.
  • What does the screen size matter at all? Two phones can be in the same series with different sizes...
  • So because it has a smaller screen it's not an EVO? The OG Droid was a slider. I guess that means the DInc, the Eris, the DX, and the Droid Pro aren't Droids because they aren't sliders. Just like the Droid, Sprint is probably trying to create their own Android brand. The EVO made a great name for itself, why not continue the line with another great HTC phone?
  • I can always depend on Android central for Sprint updates..
  • They charge $10 extra because of the extra data you would use. If you had an evo or a blackberry, which one would u be inclined to use more data on?
  • Crxssi: Have you heard about the Droid and Droid X? They are both Droids, with different screen sizes. I don't get people's confusion with the naming of this phone.
  • you're beating a dead horse by telling them that. They just dont get it...
    i just assume they live under a rock by thinking that way.
  • Of course we "get" it, we just don't agree with it. So anyone that doesn't agree with you just lives under a rock? OK, whatever.
  • Looks like this'll be the G2 of sprint!
  • Yup i've got 5 phones with 3 evo's and the bill is a little over 200 not gonna get a better deal anywhere. My brother just got his evo for 100 out the door when he turned in his old sprint phone. Also got a free bluetooth headset and an invisible shield for free all from the shack
  • thegov on< .. From where your brother did he bought his EVO for
    $ 100. and you said they gave him free bluetooth and invisible shield? I might buy my next phone from them,if you let me know please.
  • Radio Shack right now. Have to trade in any working phone to get the deal on the phone.
  • So, ill sell my evo for 350, and pick this up for 150. Yes please. Haha. To anyone saying this is a downgrade, i will laugh at you as i enjoy my next generation processor, better battery life, and awesome HTC keyboard. As far as im concerned i dont need as big of a screen if i have a physical KB. This WILL have the 4G fee, and ill gladly pay it while still having a cheap plan in comparison. Yay for a droid-like line on Sprint :D
  • It *IS* a downgrade if you care about screen size. Or if you care about thickness. And I doubt battery life will be much different. So it all depends on what is important to the user.
  • Oh no, it has roughly half an inch smaller screen, what a downgrade! A 4.3" screen is too big (and yes, I've used an EVO before. My friend owns one). Besides, the EVO Shift 4G's resolution should stay the same, therefore, it will have a crisper display thanks to a higher pixel density. Furthermore, if you've ever handled a G2, you'll be surprised at how thin it is, considering it's a slider. It feels more at home in my hand than EVO does.
  • Don't discount the size difference. A 0.6" diagonal screen size difference on a hand-held device is very significant. As for the Evo screen being too big? Well, I think it is just super like it is... easy to read and see, I love it. I wouldn't want to go back to anything smaller.
  • I don't mind the Evo name becoming a brand. Its actually fits nicely, I just was content with the Knight name.
  • I can't quite make it out but I am hoping my suspicion about the last leak is correct and that this phone doesn't have a chrome border on the screen. I really think the leaked pics had a really bad flash reflecting off that gray plastic surround. However, I am not liking the $550 off contract price. That is $100 more than the Evo and $50 more than the Epic which still sells on contract from Sprint for $250. The $150 contract price must be a Best Buy special. I wonder what it will sell for on contract directly from Sprint. Edit- Nevermind about the price. I see Best Buy Sells the Evo for $599 off contract which means they charge $100 more than Sprint if you buy off contract.
  • Was it ever confirmed that this model will have gorilla glass or something similar? Having to put on a screen protector on a "high end" phone doesn't really make it very high end. What about the front-facing camera? Yes or No? I had read earlier it was a no, but they weren't sure. Obviously, this would be a lacking feature as we're just really hitting the video call era and being on a 2 year contract with a "high end" phone that can't do it would only garnish looks of sympathy for those stupid enough to have paid this much. I want this phone, but only if it isn't lacking these bare bones requirements of a high ender.
  • 2 years? Nah, man. With Sprint you get the new member upgrades every year when you get an Everything plan. Which, is inevitable on a phone like this. So you wont be comoletely screwed. Sprint's gotchu! :)