EVO Design 4G announced, available on Sprint on Oct. 23

Sprint's just announced the HTC EVO Design 4G, a $100 world phone coming Oct. 23. The price and dual CDMA/GSM capabilities might be the standout features, but the rest of the phone is no slouch, including:

  • Android™ 2.3, Gingerbread
  • HTC Sense – Award-winning user experience taking social networking, navigation and customization to new levels
  • Aluminum unibody design gives the HTC EVO Design 4G a slim, streamlined profile –guaranteed to get attention and nicely compact in your hand, pocket or bag
  • 1.2GHz processor
  • 4-inch qHD capacitive touchscreen display
  • Dual cameras: 5MP rear-facing camera/camcorder with flash and HD video recording and 1.3MP front-facing camera for video chat
  • World Phone capabilities to make and receive calls and texts, and to access email and news from locations around the globe
  • 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot, supporting up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • Wifi 802.11 b/g/n

Source: Sprint

  • Meh. Nice device but nothing interests me until they figure out LTE.
  • Or ICS, for that matter.
  • What version of Sene does this have?
  • They figured it out. It will be coming rolling out in 6-9 months from now. Until then, make do with wimax basically. What they should do is take a note from verizon with the Zoom and make all new phones 'up-gradable' to LTE once it rolls out. I'd be happy to pick up a LTE packing Galaxy Nexus running on 3G only for 9 months to have activated with LTE upon rollout. Please SPRINT
  • They don't have LTE figured any more than they have WiMax figured. I'll buy a device when I actually see the service. I will not purchase a device based on an announcement.
  • EXACTLY! Think about all those people who bought WiMax devices last spring when the EVO 4G came out that were expecting WiMax to come to them at some point during their 2yr contract & never got it. Now Sprint is months away from even STARTING a LTE rollout (which will start all over in the largest markets 1st!). They are probably 2 upgrades away from ever seeing LTE in their area! Didn't Sprint's LTE roadmap show them switching frequecies eventually anyway? Why buy a device that has a LTE radio at one frequency when they aren't going to stick with it anyway? I get that Sprint is attractive because of the prices they charge, but with the business decisions they make, it's no wonder why they have had so much trouble turning a profit.
  • They need to fix their 3G network before working on a lte network. I don't know what happened to it, but it sucks right now.
  • So true - which places anyone with a contract ending in early to mid 2012 in a terrible position. By then the Sprint LTE phones won't be out (or if they are, they will probably be buggy or will drain a battery in minutes). But you can't really buy a wi-max phone as by the end of 2013 there is a strong chance the signal will be gone. Neither are good especially if Sprint is still charging an additional $10 / month and if you have to sign a 2 year contract. So basically those people (which includes me) are in limbo until Sprint actually launches their LTE service and can prove that it is worth having.
  • Still waiting for an HTC stunner on sprint. This is definitely a Samsung year as HTC has dropped the ball a bit. Last year the Evo was revolutionary. Took 6 months or more before anything stood up to those specs. The Evo3D was a bad idea for sure so lets pick up the pieces and start over HTC & Sprint, especially since it looks unlikely to see a Galaxy Nexus anytime soon
  • we need an EVO HD. 5" display, edge to edge display, tiny bezel, no capacitive buttons, and ice cream sammmmmmmmich.
  • You're on drugs, the EVO has a large enough screen already. No one is going to find carrying around a 5" phone to be comfortable unless they're wearing a set of size 46 cargo jorts.
  • i think that's what they said about 4" phones not too long ago. as has been discussed here ad nauseum and ad infinitum - 1. a smartphone with a 5" display in a practical, pocketable form factor is entirely possible with edge to edge displays and removal of capactive buttons via ICS.
    2. there is a huge market for a good (per #1) 5" display phone and when it is created it will sell like HOTCAKES. the beauty of Android is choice - and just because you don't want one - don't discount the desires of the market.
  • Why does no one understand that with no buttons, thin profile and small bezel, a phone can have a larger screen without a larger size. I have seen so many people criticizing the screen on the new Nexus for being too large. No more screen arguments people, look at the physical size specs from now on.
  • because they have tiny hands.
  • these HTC designs are starting to look dated and tired compared to the Samsungs like the new Nexus. sleek, all black, rounded, no lines, and no buttons is the way to go. these HTC square slabs with big edged bezels and backings and cheesy ornamentation and faux markings and designs don't look so hot anymore.
  • Edge to edge? So you are always accidentally touching the screen then?
  • Pretty good deal at $100. I think I may have found my wife's new phone. She has suffered through the Transform long enough.
  • I think HTC is on to something with this phone. It opens up a market with higher profit margins for them, so they can do the WOW devices later. Heck, the Evo 3D was this year's "Wow" device.
    (Kind of "meh" to me, though)
    I ended up buying my wife an iPhone because her Epic 4G was sucking down batteries so badly.
    So far, she's really happy with it. She does miss that big screen though...
  • The proof is in the pudding....size matters...
  • More evo love....
  • Sprint, I love YOU, I do... but damnit, market your phones! >:( This is a nice device, especially at $100!
  • 1.2GHz processor . . . Single Core. . . Not bad for a mid-range phone... I'm guessing if this is releasing now and the 3D out there won't be any other "high end" HTC phones on Sprint this year... lets not forget Sprint has 30 Million iPHones to sell and Dan Hesse thinks its their "Savior" . . . And there aren't even any leaks for new Devices to Sprint anyway
  • Sprint 4G Wi-Max? Seriously? What happens when they switch to LTE then your device becomes 3G only or what?
  • The wimax will be supported for a couple years (I think they said 2013) but there won't be anymore wimax buildout and you will never get LTE. Don't worry so much, if you get an iphone, you don't get either LTE or wimax and they don't complain...
  • Bring the galaxy nexus to sprint. Make it 3g only and turn on the LTE feature when the LTE network is ready to be turned on. That or I may have to go to Verizon.
  • Too bad that you didn't make that decision BEFORE Verizon went to tiered data so you could be grandfathered into unlimited LTE.
  • does upgrading phones affect your grandfathering? i could see Verizon pulling that shit. new phone = new contract = no more grandfathering.
  • From what I know(and I asked Verizon), as long as you don't downgrade your phone(go from smartphone to basic phone), you get to keep your grandfathered unlimited data.
  • But Verizon always has the option to discontinue that practice whenever they want to. Mark my words. One of these days you'll go in to buy a new smartphone and Verizon will cancel your grandfather clause.
  • well hopefully this is a sign the htc will bring back the Aluminum body designs *Crosses Fingers for Evo3 (no not 3D but 3)*
  • Nice phone but why not put the 8meg camera from the original EVO in it?
  • Because it's not the MP that count, it's the Sensor, Lens, and Software. The MP number is for marketing more than representation. http://www.androidcentral.com/poll-do-you-still-incorrectly-believe-mega...
  • This doesn't wow me & honestly the Galaxy Nexus didn't either. ICS DID, however. Bring on the GSIII !
  • Bet the epic 4g touch gets ICS damn wicked fast.... you wait and see I called it.
  • Bet you it won't. The original Epic didn't even get Froyo until four months after Gingerbread was released, despite the Nexus S release. The Epic Touch will probably get ICS, but not until late summer at the earliest. Unless you root, of course.
  • Plain old dumb featurephones still outsell all smartphones put together in the US. There is no money in bringing out a five inch superdevice because the average user will not purchase one. The average user will find that sort of device to be ridiculous. Ask Dell how well the Steak 5 sold. There's a reason the iPhone is the size it is: that's the practical upper size limit for most people these days. If you care enough about phones to post on a site like this, you are not "most people," you are a minimally-profitable outlier.
  • you're wrong. the market disagrees. the trend is clear - In terms of market share, handsets with screens 4.0-inches or larger, which first hit the market in Q2 2010, quickly captured 24 percent of the market by the end of the year. The market for iPhones and other devices with 3.5-3.9-inch screens held steady with a small increase of market share 2 percent higher than the same quarter in 2009. However, handsets with displays smaller than 3.5-inches, which dominated market share at the start of 2010 with 63 percent market share, saw this collapse to just 36 percent. Read more: http://www.electronista.com/articles/11/03/22/phone.displays.sub.35.inch...
  • The market is going through a phase and will get tired of their oversized fad phones and go back to something more reasonable soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy those size 46 cargo jorts, I guess.
  • oh i see you are right and the market is wrong - they just don't know it yet? don't quit your day job. p.s. i wear size 32. and no cargo pants. and these big phones fit my pockets just fine.
  • You mean the same market that sold four million minor upgrades to the iPhone in 72 hours? Lol. I like my big nerd phones as much as the next guy but thinking a five inch screen has mass market appeal is delusional.
  • how well do you think a 4.3" display iPhone would sell?
  • There won't be a 4.3" display iPhone, because the screen size is very deliberately chosen for a reason besides "bigger number = better" WoW player logic.
  • I agree. I'll upgrade when they release a top-tier phone in a 4" screen with a dpi above 300.
  • I guess 5mp is becoming standard again?
  • 5MP w/ a better sensor > 8MP w/ the sensors we have currently had. If you need proof, look at pics taken with an iPhone 4 vs older 8MP Android phones, like the EVO 4G or Droid Incredible.
  • To the person who 1-starred this comment: Sadly it is true. My koolaid drinking white robe wearing Iphone friend loves to compare photos between his 5MP iphone and my 8MP Evo. Give credit where it is due. The EVO pictures look grainy and faded compared to the ..... Iphone (just retched a little there).
  • Do you realize what 5 mp looks like on a 3.5 inch device? Take an 8 mp picture and put it on it and itll look even better. The only reason they look better is because the screen is tiny but is very high def. Bet that iphone pic doesnt look very good on an evo screen. Lol
  • 5mp doesn't really mean anything. I'm guessing you didn't see or hear about the camera on the Galaxy Nexus, because that only has a 5mp shooter. There is more to a camera than just mp
  • This is sure to attract the money conscience consumer looking for a great device and might not know what Foryo, Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich is. I'm sure this device will sell great. But the more tech savvy crowd will be waiting for a heavy hitter.
  • IMO it's a false economy for someone who is "money conscious" to scrimp on the initial price of a smartphone when they are paying ~$100/month for voice+data+4G service over 2 years. you might as well pay a little more and get the phone you really want and keep it longer and enjoy it and get full use of the 4G data plan. and if you really are "money conscious" and on a tight budget perhaps you shouldn't even have a 4G data plan.
  • Exactly! You are going to pay the same month to month if you buy this or a $299 Galaxy Nexus when it comes to Sprint. Carries LOVE devices priced in this range because it doesn't scare people who have feature phones w/ an upgrade available & they end up jumping to smartphones with data plans. It's one of the biggest reasons why Android has seen the growth it has vs. Apple since they never reduce the price on current models until they are out of date.
  • Trouble is, many people don't have a phone they "really want." Many people are perfectly happy with their mid level Android phone, they don't even really want the expensive one. The tough part is that you can get last year's top phones for the same money -- you can buy a nexus s on sprint for only $30! Crazy.
  • Whoa... sounds like logic, boss... slow down, you're losin' em!
  • I'm hoping Sprint didnt think that adding the iPhone would be all they needed to stop losing customers. Yes, they have the GSII, but a skinned 1 yr old version of android is not what I'm looking for. I made that mistake with my epic, which is still stuck on 2.2 (officially, I know there are roms). I'm really hoping Sprint adds this phone asap. Even if it has an LTE radio that can't be used for months.
  • is this thing dual core
  • nope
  • Not sure what was ment by the EVO 3d being a bad idea. It's been nothing but a great phone for me. It's fast and solid. If its the 3d thing, get over it already. If you don't like it don't use it. For me its been fun. It gives me a great phone until I see what Sprint does with LTE.
  • Is everyone on this topic a DUMASS? DID ANYONE READ THE article IT'S A BASELINE EVO PHONE .... THAT HAS A WORLD capabilities ..... READ THEN THINK BEFORE YOU TALK LIKE A uneducated DICK HEAD
  • Your last two words described yourself perfectly.
  • It's a shame there are so many "dumasses." Too bad not everyone can be "a educated" person like you.
  • It's $99.99 after a 2-year contract and a $50 mail-in rebate. Anyone have an idea of how much it will be without a contract? My OG Hero is on its last legs, but I don't want to be stuck with a Gingerbread WiMax phone for two years.
  • From now on, I expect ALL Android devices to have NFC. Get on board, OEMs.
  • Looks like a Sprint version of a DINC2? Just saying!To all them Sprint fans saying VZW is always late!Bahaha!
  • More specifically, it's a Sprint version of the Hero S (DINC2 was 1.0Ghz, Froyo, 1450mAh battery, 800×480 screen, and 3G, this is 1.2 Ghz, Gingerbread, 1520mAh, 960×540 screen, and 4G).
  • must be the same memory and ram specs, so it gonna suck being low on memory all the time
  • Unimpressed but I guess for a mid-level phone it's alright. I'm still going to Verizon (even tho I'm gonna be paying more for less data smh) but I get no service at my job and I NEVER use 4G 'cuz the WIMAX is ridiculously weak... just on and off constantly and that's what kills ur battery. No 4G means no watching videos and streaming music buffering on a regular basis (unless ur in a strong 3G area). And unlimited data plans are useless if there is no signal. I'll come back to Sprint when whey roll out LTE and it proves worthwile. They got 2 years.
  • So you don't get 3G either then, huh? Otherwise, unlimited data is just what it says. You want to complain, complain about why EVDO Rev. B has been overshadowed... for right now, that's my only complaint about the Now Network.
  • Man some of the condescending attitudes in here crack me up. This is a really good phone with a low price point that you can tell will be marketed to people not looking to go all out with their phones. Yet we got a bunch of people in here comparing it to the latest Nexus that's coming out. Additionally, what I find interesting about the phone is its world capabilities. To be able to vacation in the Caribbean or Europe and still keep in touch, even if its just data, is a really big bonus for anyone on a CDMA carrier. Look lets be real. For the average smartphone user this phone will be all they need. It will be relatively fast, have lots of access to data and will serve its purpose. Many of you are mentally in a different place and this phone isn't for you. the fact that you're on a site like Android Central makes you different from the average smartphone user. PS. I plan advertising for a living and have done in for multiple telecom (service & hardware) companies. They look at theses sites very differently than they do where the average (mass) audience tends to be.
  • I really like the look of the EVO Design 4G. I wouldn't mind taking a look at one in person to see how it feels.
  • Hey this is the HTC hero s...its not an upgrade from the EVO...its an upgrade from the hero...check HTC.com
  • 2.1 is eclair
    2.2 is froyo
    2.3 is gingerbread
    3.0 is honeycomb
    4.0 is ice cream sandwich Your welcome!!!!!
  • For me: Any phone released AFTER the ICS announcement, should be getting ICS.
    Actually, why not come with ICS? My questions about this new EVO? How is the battery life? Does it require reboots due to Out of memory issues? Where is the kickstand (not a dealbreaker, but I am surprised nobody asked)???
  • You're taking the Evo name too literaly. Evo is the name of the line of phones for Sprint, much like Droid for Verizon. My Evo Shift doesn't have a kickstand, why should this one? Especially at 4 inches...seems like overkill. As for your other questions, people will find the rest out when it drops and its reviewed in FOUR DAYS. Geez.
  • It also seems like you're expecting ICS to be ready for any and all new phones to just .zip right on it. (lol) But this is a long process, There's nothing wrong with 2.3.x take it, enjoy it, then get your upgrade when it comes time to get it. Just don't be greedy, a lot of phones will get ICS, a lot more won't. It's the cycle of technological life.
  • Meh. As an EVO 4G owner, I am beginning to get disappointed in the EVO line. 3D was a gimmick (although I like the hardware specs) and I'm not impressed with the paltry internal memory that HTC gives. As it is, I am constantly having to delete apps and clear cache. Especially since the Galaxy II S comes with 16 GB internal ROM, the 1 GB that HTC gives (on the 3D) just doesn't cut it. Not sure what the Design has, but given the price, I would imagine it doesn't top a gig.
  • Don't know how you feel about rooting, but I recently did it and I'm pleased with the outcome. Some much crapware on these phones that, like you, I kept running into the "what do I delete now scenario". With the excess HTC and Sprint installations gone, I have 10-fold internal storage (average before root = 45MB; after = 400MB+). I also have a 16GB card and will be upgrading to 32GB eventually. I also replaced the ROM with CyanogenMod 7 and I think that gives me greater control over where files and apps are installed. Almost everything can be put on the SD card, thereby freeing up memory.
  • Thinking the battery will be another EVO DEsaster (see what I did there) :) The bigger question remains for people like me with an upgrade available and contract to expire in a few months............why would you commit to a 2 year contact/new phone knowing that in a year (if all goes well-maybe two) you'll have a pretty much useless/out moded phone? Plus you'll be in the middle of your contract. Doesn't seem like a just reward for those of us already suffering through Sprint's degrading service (especially data). One to two more years of network problems with no real phone transition plan any where in sight. I just can't see any upside in sticking with Sprint even with it's "unlimited" (but useless/slow) data.
  • I only mentioned the kickstand because it seems to always come up. Since June 2010, I have maybe used it 10 times. Not a dealbreaker for me, but qouted by many here as a negative. I'm more concerned with decent battery and call quality. Data is third.
  • They should have kept it the hero s like US Cellular, its the same phone but with wimax. They need to bring the hero name back, I think EVO is a little too over used Add on: just like Verizon needs to drop the DROID name...thats way overly used lol
  • I agree, DROID and EVO are over used, I believe there was a post before that EVO was sprint's answer to DROID. Kinda childish IMO.
  • Wasn't this supposed to be another "WOW" phone? This actually turned out to be a dud IMO. It has great market appeal for the businessman our traveler, but it's nothing I would, or see others griping over. I'm disappointed with HTC, they really dropped the ball this year with the Big Three. I'm glad I already decided I'm switching to Tmo, cause that's where the great HTC phones and G Nexus will be. Pick it up HTC, please, you are an amazing smartphone company.