EVO 4G about to get Netflix fix; EVO Shift 4G getting Gingerbread

Remember how we first told you the EVO 4G's Gingerbread update killed Netflix and that a fix was on the way? Well, sho' 'nuff, looks like's it  could be available come June 20, according to the latest Sprint Playbook. In addition to fixing the Netflix issue, the update will be taking care of the phantom voicemail icon, plus adding a hearing aid compatibility issue.

Also, it looks like the EVO Shift 4G has an update on the way as well, and this one's none other than Android 2.3 Gingerbread, plus Swype, a new downloads app, and a media streaming fix. Good times. This one's tentatively scheduled for a manual update starting June 17 -- this Friday.

Source: Android Police (1, 2)

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Phil Nickinson
  • I guess they want it fixed before the EVO3D comes out so they are being proactive . . .
  • the shift gets 2.3 before the epic? REALLY!!!!! eff samsung, im heading back to BB, lol
  • I totally agree! The Evo Shift is half the phone that the Epic is. I am waiting for the folks over at XDA to get their hands on the official release so that they can chop it up and make the Epic really shine. Plus it would be nice to finally have Netflix work too!
  • Maybe the Evo shift is half the phone the Epic is (I disagree). But Samsung is half the company Htc is when it comes to updates. Samsung owners crack me up. You pay for the honor of waiting longer then everyone else for an update. My Evo 4G has had two major updates in less then 12 months. The Evo Shift came out less than 6 months ago and is getting it's upgrade to 2.3. What has Sammy updated to 2.3 (other then the nexus s). Has the Fasinate got it's 2.2 update yet? Lol
  • GingerSense OTA update = FAIL
    CM7 = WIN I'm enjoying South Park on my EVO right now :)
  • It wasn't htc's fault the netflix app broke. Your logic = fail
  • I like CM7, really. But the deal breaker has always been that ugly camera interface. It works yes, but the Sense 2.1 and Sense 3.0 camera interface is hot and sleek. Koni Elite III with Launcher Pro Plus is probably the best rom out right now, imo. (with the exception of Synergy)
  • what the hell before the Epic 4G???? Samsung get ur act together damn....
  • Sorry, I'm new to this guys. How do you do a Manual update? Also is there a way to root the Evo on 2.3.3"
  • Hit menu, settings, system updates, htc software update
  • Thanks!
  • This Samsung issue is seriously making me rethink waiting on Sprint's S2. I don't want to have the same problem the Epic owners have.
  • This just goes to show how well HTC supports their phones. I will keep buying as long as they keep it up. As to Samsung, hey, I'll buy their TV's any day of the week, but If I was an Epic 4G owner (or worse, a Fascinate owner) I'd be PISSED to NO END!!! They make beautiful phones. I actually considered the GS2 for a long time, but maybe if Samsung can clean up their act this time around, I may get the GS3. But until then, HTC, my money is yours.
  • What happen to (( arabic )) google guys please
  • This is a CLASSIC EXAMPLE of what I have always said about SAMSUNG. The Evo shift 4g came out in Jan of this year The Epic came out last year and currently still stuck on froyo. That device will never see gingerbread. Meanwhile on my Evo I brought on June 4th 2010 I brought it with 2.1 had an update to 2,2 then another update to 2.3. Clearly HTC/SPRINT takes care of there update business. Buying EVO 3D IS THE BEST THING...I WILL ALWAYS LOVE MY EVO 4G JUNE 24TH IS VERY CLOSE I WILL BE HAPPY
  • "That device will never see gingerbread." Leaked Gingerbread ROMs have been floating around the web for at least a whole month for the Epic. It will get Gingerbread. You don't know half of what you're speaking. Go crawl back into the streets of NYC you ignorant, pitiful excuse for a "man".
  • June 21st, if you're a Premier Customer.
  • My upgrade is in september, but even then im not sure if i will want to upgrade to sgs2 just yet. Im actually very happy with my Epic. Im rocking on completely stock eco5. My battery is fantastic, theres no lag at all (using a live wallpaper), the phone is fast and very responsive, and theres no heat. Not being able to watch Netflix is really not a big deal to me. Good luck oaa.
  • I have an issue with the Messages icon showing that I have nec texts when I don't. Anyone else?
  • So why are Epic owners shocked? They really think they were going to be among the first to get Gingerbread when they were among the last to get Froyo? Epic is a good phone but Samsung is terrible, going to replace mine as soon as the 1 year is up.
  • Makes Sense to me. I don't think it would have been much different to put GB on the EVO Shift since they already had it on the EVO 4G. I'll continue to wait patiently with my Epic and hope I get some good news come Monday.
  • Try today for this Member. Just got the Gingerbread 4.22.651.2 update. Manual Download.
  • sorry not the bug fix. woops.