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EVO 3D tip: Adjust your 3D pictures and help your eyes [from the forums]

before                                                   after 

If you're not into the 3D features on your shiny new HTC EVO 3D, and it's because those darn pictures just hurt your eyes or give you a headache, this tip is for you.  Android Central member Jerzyiroc has a great little tutorial in the EVO 3D forums showing you how to make adjustments to the 3D effect for stills using the tools built right in to the EVO 3D gallery.  A lot of folks are saying that the 3D videos they shoot look great, but the pictures aren't aligned very well and cause some strain on the eyes.  Looks like HTC has given us the tools to fix this, and now we can learn how to use them.  Be sure to have a look, and thank him in the forums!

Source: Android Central forums. Thanks, Jerzyiroc!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • OMG - both pictures are awful! I have not seen the EVO 3D up close and personal - Is it really this bad?
  • What are you talking are looking at a 3D image (2 pictures laced together) on a NON 3D screen.
  • No you have to look at it on a 3d screen. Of course it looks blurry on a regular screen. lol
  • This picture was also taken as an example on how to fix convergence. Nine times out of ten, if you take a picture of something closer than three or four feet away, you'll see convergence (at least to some degree) because the cameras are about 1.5 inches apart from each other.
  • Simply put, no. The pictures on my phone look great.
  • Looks like cap on the 3d even if it is aligned. Love the phone but three D for me personally is worthless.
  • you must not be holding it at a the proper distance because i have taken some awesome looking 3D pictures.
  • exactly, it has to be a straight 90degrees shot about 12 inches away from your face or more. don't try to turn the screen cause it makes it blurry. Once you play with the phone for about 2 days you find the sweet spot and it isn't an issue any more. 3d will not work properly if you are looking at it from the side, over someones shoulder. now i don't even have to think about it it comes natural.I have taken some amazing pictures.
  • Thanks I'll give it a try
  • I have a EVO 3D as well, but can't seem to share 3D pics with another evo 3D. Have you had that problem?
  • There is a free app in the market called Twin Pic allows you to share 3D images between 3D phones.
  • you can email them as attachments to friends. Or, you can post them on the web using a workaround I've found: If you want to share 3d pictures, be it on facebook or mms, rename the mpo/jps to jpg using something like Astro or (my favourite) File Expert. Once this is done, you can post it anywhere and the receiving end will see it. If it's a jps, the jpeg will show two pictures side by side. If it's an mpo, it'll appear as a single picture and you'll have to make a note that's it's 3d in disguise. Renaming the jpg of either file format to their original format will convert it back to 3d for viewing!
  • Hey haters....the pics look like crappy because you're viewing 3d pics on a 2d screen. Don't knock something you haven't tried
  • The 3D is a worthless gimmick IMO. Oh you have to find a sweet spot just to look at your pictures? Lol Then there's the issue of what good is it when 99.9% of methods used to share your media don't support it and make it look like these?
  • For the one millionth time, it's there if you like it and even without it's a great phone. Whenever I see such blatant 3D hating I always assume the poster is blind in one eye.
  • If u knew anything about the Evo3D, You would know sharing them automatically converts them to no issues there. Just like a HD DVR if ur TV doesn't support HD u can still view it in SD and still use the DVR.
  • its not a gimmick, its real and looks amazing. don't like it? don't look at it...or better go buy a phone with fruit on it.
  • Wow. Why so much hate for the 3D? It works great on my EVO 3D! If you take the picture right it looks pretty awesome. Videos have been somewhat of a struggle for me though. Hopefully this will help.
  • My 3D pics look pretty great. I played around with the tool but found all my pics looking good without it. Same goes for the videos. Took me about 10 min to get used to the 3D screen.
  • .. finally, somebody that wants to help another person and can express himself without being condescending or demeaning. So many times on here and other forums, tech people/writers expect their readers to already know everything there is to know about what they're talking about. I for one do not. Great job on this Jerry!
    (just wish there was somebody like you who could help me do APK work on my 3D.. I can't ever get those to work..)
  • I like using the adjustment tool to make images super 3D. What you do is focus on the picture so the image pops out, then begin over-adjusting the image (while keeping focused on the 3D image). As you separate the images more and more, the image begins to pop out even more. Of course, your eyes feel a little funny afterwards, but its a pretty cool effect. It's interesting in that once you lose focus of the image by looking away, it is nearly impossible to pull the 3D effect back out after you've over-adjusted the image.