Just go with the flow - let your launcher give you the best apps and information automatically

Following a beta program with the pre-release version of its software, EverythingMe Launcher is now available for everyone in the U.S., U.K., Spain and Germany. Building on the recent trend of homescreen replacements that dynamically change based on a multitude of factors, EverythingMe Launcher aims to personalize your phone.

The main interface is similar to that of a standard Android homescreen, with folders, a search box and a dock for your most commonly-used apps. The difference with EverythingMe Launcher is that the folders and app positions will change based on your usage, time of day, location and more. Your apps will all be managed into smart folders based on their tasks, and the bottom row of icons (above the dock) dynamically shows four apps that are most-used for the time of day it currently is.

EverythingMe Launcher is also offering universal search that covers your device, contacts, apps and the web all from one search box — type "news" for example and you'll be shown the Android Central app, an RSS news reader app and then further links to places like CNN, The guardian or Forbes on the web.

This technology is certainly popular right now on mobile devices, and for good reason — many people are looking for a new way to have their phones do the hard work for them. EverythingMe as a company has gained some major recognition for this tech, and is even partnered with Mozilla for features on its Firefox OS and upcoming Firefox launcher.