Everything you can do with a USB OTG cable on your Oculus Go

Oculus Go with controller
Oculus Go with controller (Image credit: Android Central)

Best answer: The USB port on the Oculus Go can be used for a number of things, including connecting to gamepads, arcade sticks, and your phone, but you need a USB OTG cable to take full use of it.

What is OTG?

OTG stands for on-the-go. Devices that have OTG support can do more through USB ports than power the device. It's relatively common on smartphones and allows for device access and in some devices allows for more convenient file storage and management.

The Oculus Go has OTG support, though it notably does not work with USB storage devices. That exception aside, the Oculus Go can become much more versatile by connecting accessories and other devices.

To use OTG on your Oculus Go, you'll need a cable that supports it. In addition to the cables listed above, you can also check out our article of the best OTG cables to use with your Oculus Go.

Connecting to gamepads

Many great Oculus Go games are made more playable by using a gamepad. While you can use gamepads that connect via Bluetooth, you can also use a wired controller.

You'll need to use a Micro-USB to USB adapter that supports OTG, but otherwise, it's just plug-and-play. The Wired Licensed Xbox 360 Controller from Gamestop comes at a low price and will feel comfortable to a lot of gamers.

Play with arcade sticks

You can merge classic and new age gaming by using arcade sticks with your Oculus Go. You'll have to use an adapter but after you've set things up you can mash away on arcade buttons with an old school joystick. And you can do all of this while staying immersed in your headset.

The 8Bitdo N30 Arcade Stick has a classic look but well with modern hardware. In addition to working with the Oculus Go, it also works with the Nintendo Switch.

Connect to your phone

The Oculus Go doesn't support OTG storage but you can transfer files to it with a wire. If your phone supports it, you can plug in a male-to-male Micro-USB cable and gain access to your phone's files on your Oculus Go.

Sean Endicott