Everything we know about the BlackBerry Priv Android slider

For a while there, it seemed as though BlackBerry had a good handle on keeping their upcoming slider under wraps but over the past few weeks, the device has been popping up seemingly everywhere. As expected, there was some sketchy rumors, then came some pretty spot on leaks of renders of the device and software, then came the typical blurry cam images, then some higher quality images and most recently a somewhat decent hands-on video.

Although it might seem as though everything possible has been leaked, when you look back at it all, there's still a lot to learn about the device that was once known as the BlackBerry Venice but is likely to launch as the BlackBerry Priv. With all of that in mind, we figured it would be a good idea to lay out what exactly is known about the device thanks to all the leaks thus far and point out a few things that remain a bit of a mystery.

Powered by Android

At this point, it should be pretty obvious that this device is coming, and it's running Android but to be more specific, it's running Android Lollipop 5.1.1. We've not yet seen it running Android Marshmallow in any sort of way, so hopefully no one has their hopes up for that just yet. Disappointing? Maybe. But Marshmallow isn't even official yet anyway and is likely to have a few kinks at launch. At least Lollipop is stable now. One thing about it running Android that has largely been overlooked, though, is the fact BlackBerry appears to of have taken their own path when it comes to the kernel being used. Although it's not entirely outside of the norm, BlackBerry has opted to implement grsecurity as a method of going a little 'above and beyond' when it comes to security on Android.

Grsecurity is an extensive security enhancement to the Linux kernel that defends against a wide range of security threats through intelligent access control, memory corruption-based exploit prevention, and a host of other system hardening that generally require no configuration. It has been actively developed and maintained for the past 14 years. Commercial support for grsecurity is available through Open Source Security, Inc.

On top of that, BlackBerry has also added their own security suite of apps to the device, better known as BlackBerry Safeguard, though the leaks thus far haven't laid out exactly what that all consists of. On BlackBerry, it's just a combination of safeguards built to the OS such as Picture Password, Password Keeper, BlackBerry Protect but BlackBerry may have built some additional tools now that they can make use of Android options.

So, that's the security side of things. What else has BlackBerry done to the software? After all, it does largely look like a stock Android device. Well, there's a few BlackBerry touches as well including preloading BBM as well as their own Calendar, Tasks, Notes apps and more. They've also adjusted how the launch screen works so instead of just being offered Google Search; you'll also have the option to use BlackBerry Device Search and access to the BlackBerry Hub.

Specs & Performance

When BlackBerry released the BlackBerry Passport (one year ago today!), it was the highest-specced device put out by BlackBerry. The BlackBerry Priv aims to keep that going with the rumored specs for the device having thus far proven to be pretty spot on. Need a reminder of what those specs are? We got you. No worries. Here's what you're looking at, the only thing still rather questionable is the actual display size ranging anywhere from 5.4-Inches to 5.6-Inches.

  • Processor - Qualcomm Snapdragon 808
  • RAM - 3GB
  • Storage - 32GB, expandable
  • Display - 5.4-Inch, 2560x1440, 537 ppi
  • Camera - Rear: 18MP, Fast Focus, OIS, 4K video capable / Front: 5MP HD.


BlackBerry Priv Keyboard

Arguably the biggest reason an Android customer might actually want to consider picking up the BlackBerry Priv, aside it from it being yet another black slab, is the slide-out physical keyboard. That fantastic BlackBerry keyboard that even the most touch-screen faithful individuals will admit to missing at times. For the Priv, BlackBerry has brought over their touch-sensitive keyboard from the BlackBerry Passport that allows you to navigate through pages, app screens and more just with a slide of your finger across the keys.

There's just one concern here that might be off-putting to some, and that's how the touch-sensitive keyboard will work within Android apps. As it stands right now, using the BlackBerry Passport as a base, the touch-sensitive keyboard does not work within all apps. Some still force you to use the screen like a filthy animal. That said, there's a good chance BlackBerry has changed this on the Priv with it being a dedicated Android device vs. running it through the Android Runtime found on BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Of course, there's also the chance it might not have been improved at all.

Dual-Curve display

Battery Meter

When the BlackBerry Priv slider (then just a dummy unit) was revealed during Mobile World Congress, there was a lot of talk about the dual-curve display BlackBerry decided to use including some speculation that it might be using the same display as the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. On top of those rumors, which remain unconfirmed, there was also discussion about how the display would be used and whether or not BlackBerry would add any special features to it using the software, again, like those found on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.

As highlighted in the image, when the device is plugged in and charging, a battery meter appears on the edge of the screen indicating how much battery percentage is left and how much further the device has to go in order to be fully charged. Sure, it's nothing over the top and there's no way of telling as of yet if this will make it into the final software revisions, but it's a cool little tidbit of information that others seem to of have overlooked despite the device being caught in several photos and even a hands-on video. Will there be additional features added? We're not sure as of yet, and nothing has been shown off so, we'll have to wait and see.

New camera

It should go without saying that on the BlackBerry Priv, BlackBerry is going to have to deal with new camera software. Whether or not Android as an OS can help BlackBerry improve upon their often "good enough" cameras remains to be seen but it does seem as though, at the very least, they're making an attempt to up the ante here. As we know it, the BlackBerry Priv will be making use of an 18MP camera on the back and a 5MP up front for front facing photos, and it has all the fancy tricks. Fast Focus, OIS, and what else? A Schneider-Kreuznach lens otherwise known as Schneider Optics.

If you've never heard of Schneider Kreuznach or Schneider Optics before, you're probably not alone but they are a manufacturer of industrial and photographic optics and some of their achievements include supplying gear to NASA, as well as winning an Oscar for Technical Achievement for their Super-Cinelux motion picture lenses. They've also partnered up with folks such as LG and Oppo in the past to produce lenses for mobile devices as well as created their own iPhone add-ons called the iPro Lens System. The point here is, they know what they're doing when it comes to camera and lenses.

But as we all know, being a sought after brand name doesn't always equate to great real world results but in this case, it shows or at least appears to show, that BlackBerry is taking their camera hardware seriously for once or are making it seem that way. Hopefully, the results will be great for everyone.

Pricing and availability

The suggested launch date for the BlackBerry Priv has always been November throughout all of the rumors but despite all that, no one has nailed down a specific date for it. There could be a number of reasons for that, the most likely of which being that maybe no one knows as of yet exactly, including BlackBerry. There's a lot of stuff that goes into planning a device launch and if BlackBerry plans to go all out on the Priv announcement, maybe they haven't nailed it down just quite yet. That being said, there has been a lot of mentions November 20-ish popping up so that's maybe something to consider. In any case, the rumors are still calling for "November."

Also on the minds of many is which carriers will have the device and how much damage is it going to do to people's bank accounts. Based on the info above, it's expected to hit all the large U.S. carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon. When it comes to Canadian carriers, I think it's a safe bet to expect much of the same in the fact it will hit all the large carriers such as Rogers, Bell, and Telus, though, there hasn't been much news leak wise in that regard, just a few mentions here and there in the CrackBerry Forums.

As for pricing, well, that's a hard one to peg at this point with no real carrier leaks having been presented. Clearly BlackBerry seems to be aiming high with this one and the price is expected to be higher as well. I hesitate to even mention a price here because I know some will treat it as fact and run with it even if I say it's not confirmed but personally speaking, I think my ideal pricing of $699 off-contract is a bit too optimistic.

Although I would HATE to see BlackBerry go higher than $699, I think they just might try to and if they do, well, that might be bad for their first foray into Android when you consider what else is out there — like the LG G4 and Galaxy Note 5 at the same price, or Moto X Pure Edition for $300 less. In other words, don't screw this one up BlackBerry. I get that you need to make a profit on hardware but if you price it well out of its league, no one will care and no one will buy it. You might not even have the BlackBerry hardcore to back you up. It's just that cut and dry.

  • Just die quietly, Blackberry. Ssssshhhhhh, just slip away....
  • Why? This sounds like they finally figured out what people want. This device is awesome. It's about friggin time
  • +1 Posted via my Motorola Startac
  • You see people clambering for "slider" phone in this day and age? I don't. Blackberry, you were awesome back in your day....but so was the VCR, the telegraph, and applying leaches to give 'em a good bleedin'. Times have changed and it's just time for you to go. It's not personal....everything and everyone has a shelf life. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Not true, history doesn't have a shelf life. People may died but never forgotten. World Trade Center is gone but never forgotten. I might agree with about BB but not everything you said. If you think everything and everyone has a shelf life, please re-think and look around you and appreciated the one who love you. Don't just think of the people who love you that they too have a shelf life.
  • Your confusing technological advancements with human interaction and emotions. Your talking about "someone" and I'm talking about "something". Extraordinarily different. Posted via Android Central App
  • Ahh, my bad. Just to be clear, didn't you just wrote "everyone" at the end of your comment. Must be your sub-conscious part of your brain. Words have powerful meaning, use them wisely.
  • You're extraordinarily stupid.
  • Dynamite drop in there Scott. Funny, I don't seem to remember anyone conversing with you.
  • I see now where we got our wires crossed. Mistype on my part. Shouldn't have said everyone but as someone once said no one here gets out alive. Posted via Android Central App
  • Well that escalated quickly.
  • What an ignorant comment. Do you think it makes you look cool to write a comment like that? Get a life. How about you do us all a favor and go away quietly? Posted via the Android Central App
  • +1
  • Why? They're a good manufacturer, and make some solid hardware. And with android software they now have a larger audience Posted via the Android Central App
  • I am very sure u will die before them.
  • This is my prediction. this is not going to save blackberry. Maybe it will push some blackberry fans to Android
  • Blackberry fans would rather go to iOS than Andorid where security is uncertain. Even BlackBerry can only do so much to modify it to their standards. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Especially with those 25 or so apps that had the xcode malware. Security is tight!
  • That's what I was wondering - can they really make Android truly safe, when Google's own say that just the most recent fix is still flawed.
    I have no faith in Android security at all, but I can live with it, since I'm not paranoid VZW Moto X 2014/2013 DE
  • What EXACTLY concerns you about Android security? Can you name a recent incident where an exploit was taken advantage of on a large scale? Is there an existing exploit that worries you? iOS and Android are equally safe. Anyone who says otherwise has been drinking the sensationalist media Kool-aid. Posted via the Android Central App
  • http://arstechnica.com/security/2015/09/googles-own-researchers-challeng... http://betanews.com/2015/08/07/forget-stagefright-certifi-gate-vulnerabi... VZW Moto X 2014/2013 DE
  • Name one instance of an actual security issue? Not a hypothetical one.. Name just one time something actually happened on Android regarding security..
  • And where do you get this "stat"?
  • Give me HUB or give me death!
  • Now that is something... The only thing.. Blackberry has and there will be an app.. +++ Insert witty signature, watch as others not get it, profit +++
  • If one has ever used a Passport one would not make such comments. Beast of a mobile communicating device with great build quality and beautiful screen. Posted via Android Central App
  • Former Blackberry Tour owner from 2009 timeframe. I've gotten used to the digital keyboards, but I would be willing to give this phone a good look.
  • I was also a Tour user for a bit and later a Bold 9650 (much, much, much prefered the track pad over the ball) and I agree, that the keyboard and overall form factor, is sorely missed. Something about those smaller, thicker devices, just made them so much more comfortable to hang on to. This super tall and wide and ultra thin slab trend is hard to love. I look at a picture of a 9650 now and think, "gee, if I wouldn't get made fun of at work, and it had the apps that I need, I might just go find an old one somehwere" ;)
  • Man those experiences in mobile tech years are far removed from the BlackBerry experience today. #Classic #Passport with PKB. Who knows maybe we will see these form factors get Android for those that prefer it? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Okay, I'll bite. What a stupid-ass name.
  • Yeah, it doesn't have a sleek ring to it. My first thought was privy... Like the outhouse. Not a good marketing strategy.
  • Exactly, stupid stupid name that brings privy to mind. However it looks like it could turn out to be an awesome device. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It can't be worse than iPad which sounds like a tampon company lol
  • Good point. I guess even the best of them have had their share of unfriendly names. However, as sam73065 said, it could end up being a good device. I hope so for blackberry sake... They are so due a 'win' at this point... poor guys.
  • At the right price and if it works well it would be an interesting option. I think the keyboard would be cool but I'd have to play with it. It would be a big adjustment.
  • I guess BB10 was a success. Posted via the Android Central App
  • So much so they moved to Android.. Lol.. 10 was not the os they were looking for +++ Insert witty signature, watch as others not get it, profit +++
  • I lol'd. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Ehh, they were 2 years too late and they still used weak hardware for it. I think their OS was all they had left in the consumer market. BB10 is a nice OS. They should have launched BB10 with a device like this... Posted via the Android Central App
  • It is nice but it is not the savior they, and everyone else, touted it to be. +++ Insert witty signature, watch as others not get it, profit +++
  • Perhaps not mass market wise but it is an excellent OS. I have a Samsung Tab Pro 8.4 and 10.1 and BlackBerry 10.3.2 on my Passport smokes my tablets in efficiency and ease of use. Touch Wiz is so damn clunky. Nova Launcher helps but I cannot wait for the BlackBerry experience apps to hit the Android app stores for my tablets. There is nothing on any competing mobile device like the BlackBerry Hub for communication purposes. Simply no other device I would use in running my business. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding BlackBerry but that is nobody's fault but their own. Posted via Android Central App
  • You've hit the nail right on the head! +1
  • No lie the passport makes any note look foolish... It better built than note 5
  • Just monetize the hub apk. All I need. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The LG G4 can be had for as little as 420$ by now, if they go for a 700$ price, the physical keyboard won't really convince me to cough up that much more money. It's really nice and something I would wish to see more - but not 300$ nice.
  • Hardly a shocker, the G4 will have been out about 6 months by the time this one turns up.
  • Apparently a curved display warrants a $100 Premium, so... :cough:Samsung:cough: Posted via the Android Central App
  • Can't wait to side load all those bb apks onto my g4 Posted via the Android Central App
  • I think it is too late for BlackBerry. At my company they replaced all the BlackBerry enterprise phones with Windows phones. I don't think they will move back to BlackBerry especially since Microsoft is coming out with new Lumia phones for Windows 10. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I find it funny when people say "it's too late." It's not like you buy a phone and keep it for 10 years! People replace their phones almost once a year or at most once every two years. Also, for any company that goes from BES to MS for managing devices is not doing it for any reason other than saving money because of the discounts being offered by MS trying to convert corporations to their platform and everyone knows BES with a BB device is top notch for security. And they're definitely not doing it for apps because we all know how poor those apps are on WP and they rarely get updated. What BlackBerry is doing here is offering those who wants apps and better security a chance to get a phone that offers both those things. The one thing they need now is good marketing because of the perception people have about their old legacy devices.
  • I was thinking the same way, why all the hate for a company that opened the door for new technology.,. Why get rid of a company that's top notch in security and great hardware and software.
  • I never understood how a physical Keyboard was better for a phone, especially sans swipe. dreaming of electric sheep
  • Ever used one? A good one, that is. BB or Moto Droid 3 or 4? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Once you master that physical KB on the BB you can type fast, never look at the keyboard, and rarely if ever make a mistake. That KB is the one thing I really miss after switching over to Android years ago. Might seriously grab one of these even if the name Priv is the worst name ever. *The boy you trained, gone he is. Consumed by Darth Vader.*
  • Wow, I can't imagine you ever used a BB curve or other BB model with a keyboard. There isn't a touch keyboard out there that can compare. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Blackberry keyboards are not ordinary keyboards u see on phones... It's top notch, the best keyboards....q10 keyboard are better than any keyboards on any top hones
  • Selling my G4 for this machine soon as release! BlackBerry hardware with Android damn! Posted via the Android Central App on my LG G4
  • It might not be for me, but I hope it works for them.
    BlackBerry would be an interesting addition to the Android Universe.
  • I'm not convinced at this at all. The last blackberry device I remember seeing at a large scale was the Blackberry Pearl. People loved the crap out of those things because they not only (of course) had a great keyboard, but they were also really ergonomic to hold and looked super cool. While this may be a great phone for enterprise, it looks really stupid and seems like an ergonomic nightmare to me. Unless Blackberry can get some sweet enterprise deals to force people to use this phone, I think it's going to be a huge flop. The vast majority of consumers just want cool looking pretty phones. This is pig.
  • All they need is advertising.. The only Android manufacturer that advertises is Samsung.
  • This will be the iPhone killer......on one of those earth's in the DC universe. Because in that particular universe, The *BNC (*BlackBerry Ninja Clan) annihilates Apple headquarters and silences anyone carrying an iPhone and displays the broken iPhone in the streets for all the world to see. Fear spreads, but in time, a rebel alliance is formed to systematically take out the BNC from within. But unfortunately their plan fails because they realize that the iPhone could only prevail on Earth One and the balance of the multi-verse would implode and all would come to nothing if two earths liked the iPhone. So they instead, bravely choose to use the monstrosity called the KBP (Keyboarded BlackBerry Phone). These men and women, who make the sacrifice to press the buttons of these technically morbid Blackberry's, are the true heroes. They are in us.... and bind us. They are the EBJ (Enlightened BlackBerry Juicemen) keepers of the multi-verse. May their berries never see decay. Think of them the next time you're making a toast or having a few Hornsby's. Perhaps even pour a little alcohol out in their name. Press on, EBJ.... Press on.
  • Too many words
  • No. These words are endorsed by the 3rd and youngest bear in Goldilocks. He knows a thing or two about doing things just right. This is how you come up with ideas for a Wolf Among Us and other Fables ;-)
  • And they say crackberry is bad lol Posted via the Android Central App on my LG G4
  • That is by far the best quote I've read today. Genius.
  • Wow. What color is the sky in your world?
  • Please share what you're on.
  • I actually found this amusing. I don't understand why they're throwing so much shade! Comment on!
  • Remembering my last BlackBerry. Great keyboard and ergonomics. Terrible browser. Complicated OS. No good third party apps - Facebook through that bad browser. Now that company would want me to set aside the relative satisfaction with a series of Moto dedicated Android DROIDs to try them again. Nope, sorry. Keyboard looks cool - DROID 5 anyone?
  • People are so freaking weird when it comes to Blackberry. This isn't about whether the company is going to survive or die or anything in between. It's an Android device with a slide out keyboard. If you think that might work well for you then give it a whirl, if not, move on. People whine and piss and moan about ANY article that even mentions BB. You sound like someone that says they are over their past girlfriend but they never miss an opportunity to bash her in a conversation. Doesn't sound like someone that doesn't care or someone that has moved on. Now, as for the phone, the specs look good at all the points they should be. I'm super excited to see how this camera performs and how BB has integrated (and to what extent) the operating system with core business apps. As Blaze put it, pricing will be huge. But, I also think real world performance will be critical. Any company that wants to break into the Flagship Android market (Blackberry will surely set price in that upper tier) has to prove their performance is top notch as well their "skin" has to be very good. Speaking of skins, I think BB has an opportunity to present Android users with a business focused product in terms of how critical information is integrated between the core apps that most of us use everyday (Email, text, calendar, contacts etc...). That is an area in which Android desperately needs improvement. Performance is especially important for Blackberry. It has to be able to play as hard as it works. I think security is a niche to exploit for Android users but it's probably not as big they think. Android users are used to living out on the edge. We knew this was a dangerous O/S when we signed up for it. Still, better security is never a bad thing. Lastly, let me say, think about some of the senseless criticisms (yes, I know you're still going to do it). If you really root for Android then you should see any company building Android devices as a very good thing. Each company, even if unsuccessful brings their ideas and features that other Android manufacturers "borrow" and sometimes even improve on. So let me be the first to welcome Blackberry to Android, You're gonna love it here!
  • TL;DNR BlackBerry still sucks and a physical keyboard is another point of failure. What I find funny is one or two of these people that are going to buy it are some of the people that hate a physical button on Samsung. They say it is outdated and on screen is the way it should be yet they are good with a slider... Makes no sense +++ Insert witty signature, watch as others not get it, profit +++
  • If they price is above $699 they're stupid. It looks like a great device, bu considering they've been struggling to sale hardware, it would make absolutely NO sense to price it above $699. Heck, I thought it would be $600 since they have such a small percent of the smartphone market. Especially this being their 1st Android. The passport, I don't remember how much it cost upon release, but I remember looking at it 2-3 months ago on Amazon for about $449-$499.
  • I bet Crackberry is excited that their traffic will probably increase now :-P
  • I am here with an android phone (third one and currently the moto Pure) because I couldn't load the apps I wanted. Yes I did side load a few but it's a pain. Many things I had on BB 5 years ago are just now getting to Android, The keyboard is the BOMB. I will buy this phone if the only thing they do is put BB travel on the phone. I think BlackBerry has a good shot at success with this phone. Android is the largest mobile OS in the World. There are a lot of ex-BB folks out there. Their hardware was always top notch. (ok Forget the Storm) Price it right and make inroads. Blaz1e knows what I am talking about!
  • Oh I weathered the Storm. My first and last BB. I still have it in my nightstand drawer. Once I got the click screen calibrated right, it was an ok device. But that was truly a love/hate experience.
  • Will I trade my G4 for it...NO. But I'm happy that BlackBerry is getting on track. If they price it right they may have a hit on there hands. Just wished they did this 3 years ago. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Exactly! It's too bad that they had such terrible leadership in the past. If they got John Chen (their current CEO) like even 5 years ago, I think BlackBerry would be in a much better position already but it is what it is. I'm getting the impression that BlackBerry is finally learning a very hard lesson. That lesson is: If you want to attract people to a different mobile platform, you have to create a very strong and attractive ecosystem which includes lots of mobile applications and integrated services REGARDLESS of how powerful the OS is. The strength of mobile ecosystems is what sells to people and has nothing to do with how good or powerful the OS is. This is the very reason why BB10 has failed to gain marketshare even though it's a fantastic mobile OS (yes, I was a former BB10 user). Also, this is why they're choosing to adopt Android instead because it has a very strong and attractive mobile ecosystem which I think will help gain more sales (not at iPhone/Galaxy level lol but in the right direction).
  • I *STILL* want to know if it has a fingerprint sensor.
  • BlackBerry has a lot of potential with this phone. So far the design and specs have been pretty impressive. The only thing that could kill this phone is them over pricing it way past what Bla1ze suggested of $699. The name Priv is definitely not helping, lol. Anyways, having the BlackBerry skin option to install to give users a more BlackBerry experience and or the BlackBerry software like the hub will make it stand out tremendously! Also, along with the sliding keyboard from the rest of other Android manufacturers will make it very appealing to former BlackBerry users who went Android that love the OS but miss BB's physical keyboard. Posted via Android Central App
  • If it is Blackberry it will disappoint. Something will go wrong...probably will miss several launch dates. Although I hope they get this right. A physical keyboard is impossible to replace and Blackberry KNOWS how to make a keyboard.
  • Still need the virtual keyboard to type when the phone is in landscape mode... not a fan of the slider idea, but I love the idea of BlackBerry releasing devices running Android. I'll probably pick this up if the price is right, and they convince me they will support the device with updates for a reasonable period of time.
  • BlackBerry's virtual keyboard with type and flick such as the one on my Z30 blows doors on any Android versions I have used on my tablets. (SwiftKey, Google, etc) It will be interesting to see how this is received and what users think when they actually use one. Now that nobody will be able to say "they don't have the app availability" it will be straight up. Are most aware here that the PKB on the new Slider is also capacitive like that of the Passport? It's quite innovative a cool to use. Posted via Android Central App
  • 100% correct, blackberry virtual keyboard blows any android keyboard...it feels like a real keyboard, so accurate
  • I really like this device. However, I do love my S pen on my Note 4. But, maybe a tactile keyboard will be more than adequate compensation. Definitely will be testing this out. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I got sucked in to the Samsung ecosystem way back when; Note, Note 2, Note 4, SGS 2, 3... I am SOOOOOOOOOO over Samsung. I have a G4 and I'm soooooo loving the G4 :D Great great device!
  • This looks pretty promising!
  • I'd pick it up if it's 500 unlocked on Amazon. :) 700 is too much for a company that has literally the WORST track record on the PLANET.
  • I am definitely interested in this as I hate virtual keyboards, and Blackberry seem to be the only ones who could make this kind of slider device well. The big issue I've got is are Blackberry fully behind it or is it an experiment? Having been burned badly with the Playbook I'm not sure how much I trust Blackberry to keep updates coming to the device. The Playbook very quickly became a dead piece of hardware useful only for running Kindle - they're the new Palm in that respect.
  • Ive had enough of touch screen keyboards and have been waiting for a high end slider with a keyboard for ages. I remember i could text a convo so easily without actually looking atbthe keyboard. Looking forward to doing that again! I have the note edge currently but am gonna upgrade to this or the experia z5 premium Posted via The Note Edge
  • They gonna need some game changing features to be successful with this.
  • Real keyboard.
    Expandable memory There's 2
  • I wonder how that slider mechanism would hold after prolonged use. Hopefully they've improved it enough that it remains sturdy for a good few years of use. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's a nice looking phone. If it had been a side slider, I'd have been all in. At least it's going to be available on all four carriers. That provides a better chance than another "AT&T Exclusive". Apple abandoned that approach years ago. It hasn't worked for anyone else, since then. I think Chen is using a version of Heinz "screw up /get fired/golden parachute" plan. It's as though Chen just wants Blackberry to fail. The Classic and the Passport didn't move the needle for enough consumers to matter and businesses aren't biting. Chen also isn't doing anything significant to get BES Enterprise MDM business. It's not rocket science that Enterprise MDM with BES would not only drive adoption of BB handsets, but if it were cross platform and managing other platform devices, it would be a one stop shop solution. Make exclusive features that only work on the BB and that would drive further adoption of their handsets. SHRUG.
  • It is a slider and it supposed to be launched on all carriers.
  • Just as I ditched my BlackBerry Z30 for a Nexus 6 this happens. Hopefully some APK's can be ported over ;) The keyboard is really good.
  • How does battery life compare? Miss the Hub? (I have looked at other devices but cannot imagine using one daily without this. I have 5 active emails utilized in running my business and I despise the lack of efficiency or battery life in my other OS experiences) I cannot wait for the BlackBerry experience apps for Android when available for my Tab Pro tablets. Posted via the Android Central App
  • FINALLY.. Somebody is bring a real keyboard and not on a super cheap low-spec phone. I'm looking forward to returning to BB!
  • The price of this device will definitely be a HUGE driving factor in its adoption by the average consumer in the overcrowded android space. Love to see BlackBerry succeed, but I hope they don't over price this phone as they have done in the past. Ask HTC & Amazon if in doubt
  • Absolutely! I want to see BlackBerry succeed too. If they price it well like you said, it has the potential to sell quite well. Obviously not at iPhone/Galaxy level lol. If it does sell well, then I think BlackBerry could become an interesting player in the Android space.
  • Immediate first impressions: it looks cool but it has a terrible name. Questions: does the BlackBerry Priv feel light and comfortable in the hand or feel heavy like the BlackBerry Torch? Will the keyboard slide out and snap into place efficiently or will it feel loose, even fragile?
  • Agreed! I understand why they did it. They should have kept the Venice name instead which sounded like it's got class. I guess the best way to find out is to watch for the impressions/reviews for this device or your own personal hands on with it when it comes out.
  • I find it interesting that it will be available on Sprint. The Q10 was the only BB10 phone they carried. I still use the Bold 9930 (OS7.) They were supposed to have the exclusive on the Z30 but that changed. I have no hope that Sprint will carry another one after the Priv. I have been strongly considering the edge+ and adding the BB Productivity Suite. The only thing missing from that, though, is the virtual keyboard. I almost see this move to Android by BB not as a way to entice Android users but a way to segwey BB users over to Android. Show them how Android works with the Productivity Suite and they'll take the transition easier. I see BB moving to all software, both front and back end. Now if they'll just make that virtual keyboard cross platform, I'll be content.
  • This is on my radar for my hardware upgrade next summer. I was a bb user for years but Android won me over. Swipe typing is good but the physical keyboard with Android is compelling. One thing that will sway me is battery life. My next device will have stellar battery life.
  • I'll pass on the first generation of Android powered BlackBerry device/s. Hopefully, the next generation will include wireless charging. USB ports will inevitably fail. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yes, I used to have the old Blackberry slider before moving onto to the S3 then Note 5...Having a physical keyboard is the one thing I miss from my phone. There are still some of us who prefer it.
  • A different type of Android for the masses--completely agree!
  • I will surely buy it. Will love to use keyboard again.
  • I like everything about this except Display: 2560x1440, 537 ppi.
    I'd much rather saee a 1280x720 or maybe 1920x1080 display in there.
    The 2560x1440 one is bound to greatly shorten the battery life for heavy users like me, as well as unnecessarily increasing the price.
    The battery better be at least 3000mAH, and preferably replaceable, even with the reduced resolution I want if this is going to last me right through a busy day out.
  • If you look at the specs for this phone, you can very quickly see that this is a very good value for money phone, that packs a real punch. With the benefits of the BlackBerry goodies on the latest Android OS, this ought to blow the Iphone out the water. The physical keyboard is a real time saver for sending formal messages. No more embarrassing typos. For anyone using their phone to do real work or to replace a laptop, the Priv will boost productivity. If your still sceptical, have a play with with BlackBerry Hub. It's the best connectivity, messaging and organisation tool ever, you'll never miss anything ever again.