Amazon's Fire TV is the future of at-home entertainment, giving users the power to control what they watch with nothing less than the tip of their tongue. While not all video apps available support the feature, thanks to Alexa voice command support, viewers can scroll through over a dozen channels and apps, without fumbling for a remote. Originally launched with over a dozen video services ready for voice command, some of which have since been discontinued, the Amazon Fire TV's library has steadily expanded. Here's our roundup of every voice-controllable video and streaming service available (so far!)

Home grown: Prime Video

Unsurprisingly, Amazon's Fire TV pairs fantastically with their own in-house streaming service, Amazon Prime. Catch up on your favorite Prime exclusives, like The Man in the High Tower, Jack Ryan, and American Gods with this made-to-order app.

$13 a month at Amazon

It's not cable: HBO Go

HBO Go offers subscribers to the premium cable service access to original programming and a wide library of previously broadcast movies and episodes. While the app itself is free to download, an active subscription is necessary to watch any of the content, and can be purchased through your cable provider.

Price varies from your cable provider

Another way to watch: HBO Now

Unlike its sister app, HBO Go, HBO Now offers the same great content, but without the hassle of contacting your cable provider to sign up. Instead, HBO Now works like a typical app-subscription, giving cord-cutters access to the entire HBO catalog.

$15 a month at HBO

Walk and talk: AMC

Enjoy your favorite current and cataloged AMC content, like their groundbreaking The Walking Dead with this free to download app. Like HBO Go, this service does, however, require you to sign up and into AMC through your cable provider.

Price varies at your cable provider

The new classic: Netflix

No list of premium streaming video apps would be complete without the one that started it all. Netflix brings you their entire massive back catalog, along with new television, film releases, and exclusive productions every week.

Starting at $10 a month at Netflix

Outfoxing the competition: Hulu

While Disney Plus is still a few months away, it's older step-sibling, Hulu, has been become the new home for Fox produced comedy, dramas, and syndicated programming. From classics like The Simpsons to new fan favorites like The Orville, Hulu has it all.

Starting at $6 a month at Hulu

Not to be outdone: FXNow

Viewers looking for Fox's premium content can sign up for FXNow. With such popular titles as It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Pose, or Snowfall, this app offers programming on a more adult side.

Price varies from your cable provider

Shining bright: Starz

Not to be outdone, the premium cable channel Starz also has their own streaming service, for both subscribers and new viewers alike. Catch up on exclusive programming like Power and Outlander direct from the source.

$9 a month at Starz

Take the stage: Showtime Anytime

What would a selection of premium streaming services be without Showtime? Enjoy original programming like Escape From Dannemora and back catalog features like Dexter and Californication.

$12 a month at Showtime

Eye opening: CBS All Access

America's oldest broadcaster is no slouch when it comes to the premium streaming game. Watch all their original programming like Star Trek Discovery, award-winning news coverage and sports events live or on-the-go, wherever you are.

Starting at $6 a month at CBS All Access

Snap & pop: Sony Crackle

Rounding out the premiums streaming services is Sony's own Crackle, which, unlike any other premium app, is entirely free to use. Watch such original programming as The Oath, Startup, and Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, and much more (so long as you live in the United States).

Free at Sony Crackle

Family friendly: ABC

Streaming apps aren't just for the premium players anymore. Enjoy your favorite ABC shows like Dancing With The Stars, The Conners, and The View on Fire TV, absolutely free.

Free at ABC

National trifecta: NBC

Never count the Peacock out when you're flipping through the channels. Check out all your new and old favorite comedies and dramas, like SNL, The Good Place, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, plus so much more.

Free on Amazon

Entertaining arts: A&E

Ever wanted to watch near-endless episodes of Live PD? With the A&E app for Fire TV, now you can, plus the rest of their available current and back catalog of shows.

Price varies through your cable provider

Watch history come alive: History

For those who like to dig a little deeper, check out the History Channel's streaming app. Catch up on the latest updates from The Secret Of Oak Island when you uncover this treasure of an app.

Price varies through your cable provider

Delicious viewing: Food Network

Do you find watching television to be hungry business? Your viewing time won't be starved for content with the Food Network app. It gives you a massive menu of delightful dishes to gorge yourself on, plus recipes and how-to guides.

Free at Amazon

Food for the soul: TLC GO

Feed a deeper need and never be too far from the warm-fuzzies again when you say yes to TLC Go. Enjoy all of your favorite shows like Dr. Pimple Popper, 90 Day Fiance, and much more!

Price varies through your cable provider

Peach of an app: TBS

Get a taste of that down-South hospitality and humor with the TBS Fire TV app. Check out their classic programming like Conan, Miracle Workers, and Close Enough, plus much more from their extensive back-catalog of shows.

Free from Amazon

More to learn: Discovery Go

If science and educational programming are more to your taste, you'll love Discovery Go for Fire TV. Never miss a single bite of Shark Week again when you go swimming through their extensive list of old and new shows.

Free from Amazon

Laugh a lot: Comedy Central

Finally, tickle that funny bone with Comedy Central's own Fire TV app. Marvel at their massive menagerie of mirth, including new hits and old favorites, like South Park, The Daily Show, Comedy Bang Bang and more!

Free from Amazon

There's always something to watch

With Amazon's Fire TV you'll never be starved for content, though some of the above apps are more suited to the service than others. The best of the best hands down is Amazon's own Prime Video. It has the fastest response times for voice commands, and the clearest readings of your voice regardless of volume or accent.

That, however, doesn't mean the others are spotty. The Netflix app is also a top contender for the best in show. Not only do they have a massive library, but their inclusion of interactive elements, such as those seen in their award-winning Black Mirror special, makes full use of the Fire TV's capabilities.

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