Every streaming service with voice command support on Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire Stick 4K
Amazon Fire Stick 4K (Image credit: Android Central)

Amazon's Fire TV is the future of at-home entertainment, giving users the power to control what they watch with nothing less than the tip of their tongue. While not all video apps available support the feature, thanks to Alexa voice command support, viewers can scroll through over a dozen channels and apps, without fumbling for a remote. Originally launched with over a dozen video services ready for voice command, some of which have since been discontinued, the Amazon Fire TV's library has steadily expanded. Here's our roundup of every voice-controllable video and streaming service available (so far!)

There's always something to watch

With Amazon's Fire TV you'll never be starved for content, though some of the above apps are more suited to the service than others. The best of the best hands down is Amazon's own Prime Video. It has the fastest response times for voice commands, and the clearest readings of your voice regardless of volume or accent.

That, however, doesn't mean the others are spotty. The Netflix app is also a top contender for the best in show. Not only do they have a massive library, but their inclusion of interactive elements, such as those seen in their award-winning Black Mirror special, makes full use of the Fire TV's capabilities.

Mikaela Gorman
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