As a videographer and occasional guest on podcasts, I find that one of the hardest parts of my job is getting clean audio. For the most pristine sound, you'd typically need an acoustically treated room with as little background noise as possible, plus an XLR microphone running into an audio interface that's plugged into your computer … suffice to say, audio can get expensive fast.

That's why the Blue Yeti is one of the internet's most beloved microphones. It's an inexpensive, but incredibly versatile microphone that plugs directly into your computer through USB, and features four different pattern modes to give you as many options for recording as possible. The Yeti's already a steal at its normal price of $129, but for $89 it's an absolute must-have.

For voiceovers and podcasts, I've used the Yeti more than any other microphone. It's small enough to fit in a backpack and sturdy enough to survive bumps from any loose objects in your bag, making it a perfect travel companion — I've taken it to CES countless times, and the omnidirectional and bidirectional modes sound great for in-person podcasts.

I've taken the Blue Yeti to countless trade shows and used it to record everything from voiceovers and podcasts to guitar and vocals for music projects.

The built-in headphone jack is great for monitoring your audio with zero latency, and there are built-in level controls along with a mute button for when you just can't hold in that sneeze any longer. Most of all, while you can mount it to a mic stand through the threaded port on the bottom, I love that the Yeti comes with a built-in stand; it really has everything you need to record from anywhere.

The Blue Yeti is one of Amazon's deals of the day, and if the raw aluminum look isn't to your liking, it's available in five other colors for the same $89. You can get it in either Teal, Aztec Copper, Lunar Gray, or Space Gray — my personal favorite.

Seriously, if you're looking to do any audio work at all, the Blue Yeti is an easy choice. You just won't find a more versatile microphone for the price — especially one that plugs directly into your computer through USB.

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