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PlayStation introduced dozens of DualShock 4 colors over the years, and it will likely do the same with the PS5 DualSense. Right now, you can only purchase the DualSense in either white, Cosmic Red, or Midnight Black. We'll continually update this list as more color options become available. Keep an eye out for special console bundles as those sometimes have their own unique controller designs, but until then, here's every color DualSense controller you can buy today.

Dualsense Cosmic Red Reco Render

From the cosmos: Cosmic Red

Staff Pick

One of the first colorful DualSense options, Cosmic Red, is vibrant and visually appealing. Sony says that it features a subtle blue hue to create a unique shade of red for the controller. It looks especially striking with the blue light bar lit up around the touchpad. Overall, it looks amazing.

Dualsense Reco Box

Pretty plain: White

The standard white DualSense controller was released alongside the PS5 console in November 2020. There's nothing exciting about it, but the two-toned color scheme that suits it well. And instead of featuring colored face buttons, the ones on this DualSense are all gray to not ruin the aesthetic.

Dualsense Midnight Black Reco Render

Classic option: Midnight Black

People were begging for a plain black DualSense controller, and PlayStation delivered with Midnight Black. Like Cosmic Red, it also features some subtle blue hues throughout it that make it pop more. From the touchpad to the face buttons, everything on this one is all black, similar to the original DualShock 4.

A growing collection

There aren't many color options available right now unless you want to buy a controller skin for your DualSense. I'd expect Sony to ramp up production when it comes to official colors as we get further into the PS5's life cycle. Aside from plain colors, PlayStation is known to offer camo and translucent controllers. If you're looking for something a bit more unique, you'll probably need to wait for a special game bundle. DualShock 4 controllers featured designs from Star Wars, Call of Duty, Monster Hunter, God of War, and plenty of other popular titles.

If you see a controller that catches your eye and is limited edition, you should buy it as soon as possible. There are DualShock 4 controllers that sell for hundreds of dollars now because they're so sought after and difficult to find.

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