European Galaxy S Gingerbread update due by end of March?

A post on Samsung Mobile Romania's Facebook page seems to suggest that Romanian Galaxy S phones (and presumably other European models) may see an official update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread by the end of March.

Translated into English and cleaned up a little, the post reads:

"The update to version 2.2.1 for Galaxy S will be available until 20 March, and Gingerbread (2.3) until the end of the month."

Our Romanian is a little rusty, but we think it's safe to assume the last part of that statement means either "it'll arrive by the end of the month", or "it won't arrive until the end of the month". Either way, it looks like the European Galaxy S could soon claim bragging rights as the first non-Nexus phone to get an official Gingerbread update. HTC has announced that Gingerbread will be coming to some of its older phones, but these updates aren't due until sometime in the second quarter.

Samsung Romania also adds that two of its budget phones, the i5500 Galaxy 5 and i5800 Galaxy 3, will be updated to Froyo by Mar. 20 and Mar. 31 respectively. [Samsung Romania Facebook via Crave]

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  • This is nice I hope HTC is also working on Gingerbread for MT4G
  • Ok, here is the translated text (I'm romanian)
    The 2.2.1 update for Galaxy S will be available for the users until 20 March. Gingerbread for Galaxy S will most probably be as well available until the end of March.
  • Its the evil u.s. carriers
  • where do i start my i-will-NEVER-buy-another-Samsung-ANYTHING-again rant. this is just insulting now. 2.3 for soap-free skinny jeans inventors and nothing for the Americans but 2.1? i actually paid full price for this hunk of white dog crap. honestly, the phone's hardware is awesome. the software is trash. can't watch an innappropriate video while my wife bitches at me on the phone? can't initate internet traffic while on the phone when i am in 4g (yes we get a lot of 4g coverage here)? we won't even bring up what having your phone plugged into speakers (listening to music) does to this turd when you have a phone call come in. come on, i could do all that on my EVO and now 9 months after i got Froyo on my EVO i still have 2.1 on my EPIC. thanks. i love you guys. i would have bought a tablet too, but thanks to this little experience, i decided to wait for a XOOM. way to go guys. way to go.
  • Gotta love how the Europeans are getting 2.3 before were getting 2.2.1 over here in the US. Anyone else see something wrong with that?
  • But in return you get all the good stuff (Droid X , Evo 4G , Thunderbolt (when the time is right) , Atrix (won't hit Europe before Q3) , ...etc) , cheaper phones & even better versions of the Galaxy S there's a big chance if thats true , it will be the last update to the I9000 Kinda iterative :
    I'm also waiting for 2.2.1 for my MileStone (although the Droid got Fro-Yo almost after it was released)
  • I thought only the Nexus' were getting 2.3 Gingerbread and other devices were getting 2.4 Gingerbread?
  • Yea me too
  • knew i should have sprung for the international version...
  • I've already got 2.3.3 on my Captivate thanks to CM7, but it's nice to see that Samsung is still supporting it's older phones. It would be nice to see the Captivate get an official Gingerbread update, but the Cyanogen team has done a great job with their ROM, I don't think I can ever go back to stock even if it's official gingerbread from Samsung.
  • Believe it when i see it, if they were able to mustard this up and deploy it worldwide in a timely manner, i MIGHT consider getting another Samsung product.
  • Believe it when i see it, if they were able to mustard this up and deploy it worldwide in a timely manner, i MIGHT consider getting another Samsung product.
  • What a peculiar (or sloppy) choice of words! What I get from the Romanian text is this: "The 2.2.1 update for Galaxy S will be available no later than March 20th." "Gingerbread for Galaxy S will most likely be available by the end of March."
  • I honestly think samsung is great company, the original galaxy s always gets its updates, I believe samsung is getting a bad reputation for not giving updates, in reality i think its the carriers.
  • You're absolutely right. It is the carriers in the USA that are holding updates back and turning customers off of Samsung products. Can't wait for gingerbread, if Europe is getting it end of March then here in Canada we should see it in April or May.
  • Probably in the end of April since Samsung has to check the modem kernels that they will be using works for Bell, Telus and Rogers. It is a good thing that Canadian carriers don't require samsung to install their bloatware.
  • Sammy had worked with VZ for many years before the Fascinate came out. Shame on them for promising 2.2 by the end of '10 as they knew what they were getting into. I think the carriers aren't easy to work with but I also think they think they're going to sell some Galaxy IIs with 2.2 on them. I personally waited for the fascinate to come out and i will never buy another Sammy phone. Ever.
  • SGS II is already running gingerbread. So no 2.2.
  • ...and here we go all over again.