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Essential Phone gets 360-degree Tiny Planet mode and selfie flash

Essential Phone owners have likely grown accustomed to frequent updates for the Essential Camera app, and lo and behold, yet another one is rolling out now. After updating to v0.1.097.006 on the Play Store, you'll be able to check out two new features – a 360-degree Tiny Planet mode and a flash for the front-facing camera.

Tiny Planet is the most exciting of the two features, and it works similarly to what we've seen from other OEMs. Assuming you have the Essential 360 Camera accessory, Tiny Planet allows you to capture an image that turns your surroundings into, well, a tiny planet.

You can edit your Tiny Planet creations right within the Essential Camera app, and after you've got everything just the way you like, you can share it on the social media platform of your choice.

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As for the flash for the front-facing camera, this simply illuminates the front of the Essential Phone's screen with a bright white background when enabled. It's not as powerful as a dedicated hardware flash system, but it can still be useful for lighting up a dark environment in a pinch.

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  • Although these two features won't benefit me, very cool. I think at this point it's safe to say that the folks at Essential realize that continuously releasing updates whether to the phone itself or camera pretty much on a weekly basis keeps the phone in the news, and that can only be a good thing for them.
  • Agreed with rld. Am really close to buying the essential phone due to all the updates and frequent security patches
  • Heads up for anyone living in Canada looking for the 360 Essential Cam. Telus is currently selling it for 49.99 Crazy right