EPOS teases next-gen gaming headset and microphone with stunning features

Gsp 601 Hero
Gsp 601 Hero (Image credit: Jennifer Locke / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • EPOS held a presentation talking about the importance of audio in gaming.
  • The company revealed a next-gen headset and microphone that it hopes to have out this year.
  • It looks like the headset will feature active noise cancellation.

During a media presentation titled "The Power of Audio in Gaming," EPOS revealed a couple of its upcoming products that hope to change the game. EPOS' primary concerns are, of course, comfort and quality, so both products aim to deliver the very best in those categories.

The headset itself features a similar design to other EPOS models, with a form-fitted ear-shaped earcup. What's interesting is that it appears to have active noise cancellation functionality denoted by a little ANC symbol on one of its earcups. ANC was talked about during the presentation as being is very big thing for upcoming gaming headsets, but the company could not confirm what it had in the works.

As for the microphone EPOS showed off, it's evident that EPOS was going for a sleek aesthetic. It's built with high quality materials like aluminum and metal, and supports a tabletop setup along with a boom arm. Whether you're an amateur audiophile or not, this should hopefully help you deliver broadcast-level sound with an app for added audio customization.

Unfortunately, we're unable to share pictures of either product at this time, but the company did reveal that both intend to hit the market sometime this year.

The rest of the event was focused on EPOS commitment to the best audio possible, going so far as to saying that it "completes the gaming experience." With a insight into how and why the company makes the decisions it does in regards to its headsets, including their designs and features, it's clear EPOS cares very much about the subject.

I recently had the chance to review the GSP 600 headset from EPOS and Sennheiser, and was exceptionally impressed with its microphone, which is another aspect that EPOS considers to be incredibly important.

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