Epic 4G getting an update today to enable Samsung Media Hub

The Epic 4G is getting an over-the-air update today that will enable Samsung Media Hub (which will be officially announced tonight), plus a few bugfixes. Here's the list:

  • Optimized, HotSpot in 3G idle mode to help conserve battery power
  • Optimized, Applied Qualcomm patch for performance enhancement
  • Added, Media Hub
  • Modified, WiMAX exit delay
  • Modified, UI "Noisey" One to "Noisy One"
  • Fixed, 32GB mSD card is not recongized when formatted in device
  • Fixed, When playing video, the playback is paused if a headset is connected/disconnected
  • Fixed, Sorry popup when DRM file is selected in the Gallery
  • Fixed, Hotspot registration/deregistration

Some people already are seeing the update (version DI07, for those playing at home), so hang tight if you haven't gotten it yet.  [Samsung (opens in new tab), Sprint, Android Central Forums]

Phil Nickinson
  • Looking good Sammy. All I need now is that Press Conference Tonight.
  • Modified, UI "Noisey" One to "Noisy One"
    Hmmm... What does this change do?
  • I think it's just fixing a spelling error.
  • Forgive the noob question... is it safe to update if you're rooted? Or should I wait for an update from the XDA guys?
  • You have to wait.
  • So if rooted, does the update from XDA or whoever get pushed OTA? or do i have to go and download and re-apply?
  • Wait for the update from xda.
  • yes yes, wait for the udpate. But does it get pushed, or do i have to proactivly go find it
  • How about a update to uncap the upload speeds (capped at 150kbps). Evos get between 500-600kbps upload. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=777165 http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/43883?tstart=0
  • Does anyone know when the other galaxy s phones will get this update like the Vibrant?
  • OK this makes me sad. My poor captivate won't get the love :(
  • Not froyo but excited for it. Any update is good. Glad to see samsung updating their phones
  • Dang. Where is att update?! Lame....
  • Not seeing the update yet...
  • On Steve Job's desk, waiting for him to nerf the Samsung competition to his iTunes Store! :) Yeah I know, this will be seriously disliked by many, but that's how things work over at big blue.
  • Any chance that "Qualcomm patch" could fix 4G connectivity issues? I can get 2 of the 3 bars all day, but my phone constantly disconnects and reconnects...
  • I thought I was the only one with this problem. In areas where I had for 4g with my Evo, my Epic just connects and immediately disconnects. Took to the store and since we don't 'officially' have 4g in LA, they can't do anything about the defective radio. Hope this helps!
  • mine does this, too. i live in central pa, which is supposed to be completely covered in 4g.
  • No update available in MA yet, I guess maybe not til after the conference??
  • Just downloaded to my phone... Smooth calendar widget is having problems on my phone. It was causing the phone to stutter and the program would force close. Media hub app now running. 4G seems better but it may be my imagination. Every time I run speedtest I get wildly different results but the 4G seems to be staying connected better.
  • No update for my T-Mobile Vibrant yet :(.
    But hey, at least we know Samsung is actually sending updates to its phones.
    Hopefully they'll keep up the good work..........
  • No update for my T-Mobile Vibrant yet :(.
    But hey, at least we know Samsung is actually sending updates to its phones.
    Hopefully they'll keep up the good work..........
  • Still waiting! :)
  • no update here in Rochester ny.
  • omg i want it im in nyc when r WE getting it???
  • Haven't got update yet n I tried updating
  • I still haven't received the notification and I've tried manually but it says no update available. What am I doing wrong?
  • I live in Nashville,TN we just officially got 4G today, its updated on the coverage maps, and apparently I'm waist deep in 4G coverage however, im experiencing the whole 1 -2 bars and then constantly disconnecting so i dont know, maybe it'll get better lol, and i've been tryna force da update all day, nothing yet..
  • Still no update in Central PA...
  • This is day 3 of my having the Epic, and so far it's excellent. It is pretty cool I would get an update so early, though I haven't gotten it as of yet. Media Hub looks promising, so I'm interested in checking it out. Is it safe to assume the update will be pushed to my device, rather than having to retrieve it?
  • Still no update here. Friday at 10:50 in NYC.
  • Just saw the update - go to About -> Update Android. It will install & reboot. NJ area.
  • I haven't had an update yet either. Today is Sunday the 19th and i'm in Ca. I personally think that's a little ridiculous.