Epic 4G getting an update today to enable Samsung Media Hub

The Epic 4G is getting an over-the-air update today that will enable Samsung Media Hub (which will be officially announced tonight), plus a few bugfixes. Here's the list:

  • Optimized, HotSpot in 3G idle mode to help conserve battery power
  • Optimized, Applied Qualcomm patch for performance enhancement
  • Added, Media Hub
  • Modified, WiMAX exit delay
  • Modified, UI "Noisey" One to "Noisy One"
  • Fixed, 32GB mSD card is not recongized when formatted in device
  • Fixed, When playing video, the playback is paused if a headset is connected/disconnected
  • Fixed, Sorry popup when DRM file is selected in the Gallery
  • Fixed, Hotspot registration/deregistration

Some people already are seeing the update (version DI07, for those playing at home), so hang tight if you haven't gotten it yet.  [Samsung, Sprint, Android Central Forums]

Phil Nickinson