Google-powered PHAROS AR app creates funky virtual world featuring Childish Gambino's music

Fans of Childish Gambino are about to get a special treat, as you will not only be able to listen to his music but experience a new world with the PHAROS AR app. Using the power of Google's ARCore platform you'll be able to explore Childish Gambino's world while enjoying his latest tunes.

PHAROS AR begins with a portal that leads you into a cave where you'll find and interact with hidden glyphs. Uncovering the hidden glyphs is only part of the experience, though, once you've found all of the glyphs your journey continues with the exploration of more worlds in the Childish Gambino universe.

The PHAROS AR app is available for Android and will come to iOS at a later time. It offers a multiplayer experience where you can interact with visual elements on screen simultaneously with friends, making use of ARCore's Cloud Anchors API, which allows for a multiplayer experience across both platforms. So it doesn't matter if your friends use Android or iOS device, you'll still be able to share the experience together or go it alone if you choose.

This isn't the first time Google and Childish Gambino have collaborated. They teamed up previously to add Childish Gambino to Playground on Pixel phones. The lifelike interactive Playmoji allowed for you to watch him dance on screen or even take selfies with him. This time, the Childish Gambino AR experience isn't limited to Pixel phones and now all of his fans can enjoy his new augmented world.

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Jason England