Popular password manager Enpass has been updated to version 5.0, adding a bunch of new features for those who enjoy keeping their randomly generated passwords secured. The new set of features include autofill for entering credentials on websites, and improved fingerprint support. The latter addition ensures that your usernames and passwords are locked behind an extra layer of authentication.

The autofill tool will be available in supported apps, as well as the Chrome web browser. As for the improved fingerprint authentication, Enpass now allows you to unlock access to your password vault each and every time using nothing but your fingerprint (no need for that pesky master password). As well as these two highlights, the team have also worked to squash a bunch of bugs and implemented some improvements to the design.

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Give the app a download on the Google Play Store and see what you think about version 5. More details about each and every change included in this update can be found on the official blog post.

Source: Enpass