Endomondo Sports Tracker updates with Android Wear support

Endomondo Sports Tracker has been updated with support for Android Wear. You can also connect your account to Twitter, creating a training plan has been improved. in addition to Android Wear support, Endomondo also now supports the Samsung Gear S.

Android Wear support lets you start your Endomondo workout in a variety of ways. You can scroll through the dot menu on your Wear device to activate the app, then hit the start button. You can also begin the workout in the phone app, then open the Wear app via notification. You can also use voice activation to start one of the various available workouts. The Android Wear app will also track your heart rate on devices that support that functionality.

Endomondo also supports the Samsung Gear S with this update. Like the Android Wear app, Endomondo for the Gear S can measure your heart rate with the built-in monitor. You will need to have the Gear Manager app installed on your phone. Endomondo PRO users will need to download the free Gear S app, but your premium features will be unlocked once you log in with your account credentials.

The new Training Plan creation wizard makes plan creation easier, and explains how each of the pre-built plans work. New training plan overviews have also been added. You can also share your workouts on Twitter, and you can include pictures.

You can check out Endomondo on the Google Play Store now.

Source: Endomondo