EE extends 4G roaming to 14 new countries

EE Store
EE Store (Image credit: Android Central)

EE has announced that it will be extending 4G roaming connectivity to 14 additional countries, following the rollout of the service to cover Spain and France earlier this year.

The UK carrier's roaming agreement will allow EE customers to enjoy 4G connectivity while travelling to Canada, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, UAE, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland. Customers visiting South Korea will also be able to enjoy 4G roaming thanks to a new deal that is set to go into effect tomorrow.

Customers wanting to avail 4G roaming have to buy a data roaming bundle, and while the 1 GB bundle is no longer available, EE is offering 500 MB data for £25 to users roaming within the EU.

The carrier has stated that all consumer and small business cutovers will be eligible to enjoy 4G roaming in these territories starting today, and has mentioned that corporate customers will be able to follow suit soon.

EE users, are you excited about the carrier's move to bringing 4G roaming to additional territories? Which country do you want to see covered by the carrier?

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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  • Bet they charge a fortune. Posted via Android Central App
  • Until the end of 2015 roaming charges will be over in the European Union. At the moment on Vodafone Portugal we can pay 10 euros extra and use our minutes, sms and data plan while traveling just like at home, if the country we are going to also as Vodafone carrier, which is not too bad. Posted via Android Central App
  • Er, I'd quite like to see 4G reaching the rest of the UK please, EE, since I'm paying for a 4G phone on a 4G tariff. TBH the 3G isn't that hot around here either... Posted via Android Central App
  • or just switch to Three and get data and mobile roaming for no extra charge in loads of countries EE is rubbish
  • I don't even have EE 4G in my home city so until that happens I won't be excited about it in other countries! Posted via Android Central App