Fall is in the air (I hate that cliche, but what the hell — it's true this weekend). Football is back. Baseball is starting to get interesting. The U.S. Open is just about behind us (Serena! Whoa!), the fall IFA (excellent!) and CTIA (why is this still a thing?) shows are in the books. And the damned Pumpkin Spice Lattes are annoying as ever.

So ... a few thoughts on things. ...

  • Jerry was spot-on in his "Priorities" column last week. I wouldn't change this job for anything, but it can be hard to take it seriously when children's bodies are washing ashore.
  • Same goes for Gizmodo's take on the Apple event hype. Announcement events are fun. They're important for companies. I'd love to go cover an Apple event in person. But they've become such a media circle jerk.
  • I thought Samsung's Gear S2 event at IFA was interesting. Only 20 minutes long. Cool circular design in the Tempodrom.
  • I get that folks are kinda lukewarm on the Gear S2, but I think that's going to change once it's available and more people get to try it. It's got a lot of potential.
  • Verizon (as of a week or so ago) tells me the Sony Xperia Z4v is still coming. Why, though? Can it. Get the Z5 out.
  • I'll finally have a Moto X Pure Edition this week. Only real question marks are camera and battery life. We already know how the software will look and feel. Looking forward to using it, though.
  • I'm a little disappointed that Google didn't surface Slayer's new record to the top level "New releases" section in GP Music. (It did for Iron Maiden, though.)
  • ICYMI: You can ignore those HTC Sept. 9 Flagship at Japan Event ZOMG stories out there. They're wrong.
  • I would, however, like to see something new from HTC's new "not-just-a-smartphone-company" line this fall. Updated RE Camera, maybe? And they'd promised something in the "home" space. But with its continuing financial troubles, who knows at this point.
  • I need to try the LG G4 again after its latest software update. Things running more smoothly now?
  • I'm currently using the Huawei Mate S. Really nice hardware. The software has flashes of brilliance, right until it does something really dump that can't be covered up by a launcher.
  • Makes me a little excited for Nexus Time, I guess. Tick, tock.

That's it for this week. See y'all Monday!