Phil and family

I'm spending the first hour or so of Father's Day in the usual position — hunched over a keyboard while at least one of my kids is buried in a tablet. I know that's not the best way for either of us to spend a Sunday morning. But it's also familiar. And like all things in moderation, it's probably not too bad for either of us. Kid No. 1 is fixated on her screen, playing some awful freemium game, no doubt. (I do have her at least give me a cursory look at what she's playing. But after a while all these crap games tend to look alike.)

In the time it's taken me to write this, she's since retreated to her room, face now buried in phone. I can summon her more quickly over Google Hangouts than I can by voice.

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These are first-world parenting problems, for sure. Failure? Success? Both, I think. And I'll take it. Happy Father's Day.

My mind very much has been away from the nerd-sphere, though.

We simply must do better. And we must do something.

Meanwhile, back in the little world in which I'm paid to write, and in which you fine folks graciously give us a few minutes of your time ...

  • "To Apple, Love Taylor" is a grammatically incorrect title — and also perfect for what the musician is saying.
  • (I'd put my money on Apple in that fight.)
  • We're testing out some quite-good notifications for the sites. No ETA yet, but there are a lot of good options for folks here. Really great work by the boss.
  • Still working on nailing down some nagging bugs in our app. But we'll definitely have Samsung multiwindow in the next release, which is long overdue.
  • Looks like Linus is a fan of Google Photos.
  • I've spent the past week firing up ancient phones and making sure any remaining pictures are uploaded. There are some real gems buried in there.
  • A great and powerful TedX talk from our work friend Luria.
  • I'd been meaning to try the LG G4 camera on fireworks. And I came away even more impressed.

That's it for this week. I'm off to do lunch with four generations of family — three of us fathers sharing the same name, actually. See y'all Monday.