It's Father's Day here in the U.S. (there are fathers outside the U.S., right?), so I'll try to keep things short this week. We'll see how that goes. It's funny to see all these "Best Father's Day Gadgets" lists for something that's largely a made-up holiday. Do we do that for Mother's Day? I dunno.

That said, here's what probably would be on mine: A proper tablet (and, seriously, those new Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets are really good), a Nest Thermostat (I'm still digging mine), anything and everything Sonos (expensive, but so good), a Chromecast, and a good set of Bluetooth buds for using out in the yard, or exercising. Those are all things that I use if not every day, at least a few times a week.

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I think next year I'll ask the family to forgo cards, though, and just stick with the hugs.

A few other thoughts on the week that was, and the week that is:

  • How did we celebrate Mother's/Father's day before social networks? Where did we post our pictures?
  • Back to the moms for a second: I loved seeing Facebook quietly reverse its position on removing breastfeeding photos. While I would question whether that's something that really needs to be posted to a social network, treating it as sexual content is just stupid.
  • I got off a plane Thursday and went straight to Five Guys for a little post-flight/post-sickness cure-all. (Don't judge.) There was a woman breastfeeding her baby at a table. Now tell me Five Guys isn't the greatest restaurant in the world.
  • (And, no, I wasn't about to post a picture of it to Facebook.)
  • I haven't gotten to watch as much of the World Cup as I'd like. That Sterling kid (good lord, he's almost half my age) for England looks pretty damn good, though.
  • But c'mon. It's England in the World Cup. We know that's not going to end well.
  • And that PK in the Brazil game? Are these replacement refs?
  • Finally took our own advice and added the World Cup schedule to my Google calendar. I'm glad I did.
  • If you somehow have yet to see last week's takedown of FIFA by John Oliver, watch it now.
  • Some great goals so far, though. My 7-year-old managed to stay up for the entire Ivory Coast/Japan game. It's great for her to learn a little geography while learning some more soccer, too.
  • The more I learn to use it, the more I'm loving our new header. (Especially with all the post-launch tweaks.) And more good changes are on the way. Grow or die.

That's it for this week. I'm on the road again tomorrow, and we've got lots going on. Let's get to work.