Wall of Androids

It's high time we talk about the way we act and represent ourselves, both here at Android Central and across the intertubes.  Cruise through any smartphone forums or blog comments, and you'll soon see a common theme.  We like to argue, sometimes to the point of acting the fool.  I'll admit -- I can get a bit snarky, and have probably caused an admin or two more trouble than I should, so I'm not pointing fingers at anyone in particular.  But I can bet that anytime I'm reading a story about LTE, I'll see people digging about price or downtime.  Or if it's about the EVO 3D, I'll read how Sprint's coverage "sucks."  I won't even get started on what a T-Mobile- or AT&T-based story turns into.  Well, here's a hint:

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We're all wrong.

We love to interact with you guys (yet sometimes we're so busy we don't have time to), and we get the same questions quite a bit -- is X phone better than Y, or should I switch to carrier Z?  Well, there is no answer to that.  What works best for me, isn't going to work best for you.  If that were true, Google would be selling 400,000 copies of the Nexus S per day, and T-Mobile's tiny network would assplode.  Yes, I know it has no SD card slot, it's not HSPA+, has no notification light, and is made of "cheap feeling" plastic.  But I don't care -- it's what I like.  Just like you enjoy your Evo 4G on Sprint.  Or your Thunderbolt on Verizon, or your Atrix 4G on AT&T.  Different strokes for different folks and all that. 

We're lucky here because we get to play with a lot of new Android phones, and we have all learned just why there are so many different makes and models.  Choice.  There's something for everyone, and none of the choices are wrong.  In fact, maybe none of the Android choices are for you, and that's OK.  My point is, I can't decide what works best for you -- whether it be the best network, the best phone, or the best tablet.  We're here to guide as best we can with device reviews, talk about apps, and even news about bugs and problems, but in the end you'll figure out what seems best for you, and that's what counts.  So rock that Backflip or Droid Charge with pride, it's all good.