The earbuds that come with the Samsung Galaxy S5 are actually pretty good

You might be pleasantly surprised by what comes in the box with your new Galaxy S5

Something that we don't usually pay much attention to when reviewing new phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the stuff that's actually in the box with the phone. Like the earbuds. Sometimes that's with good reason, but in the case of Samsung's latest we maybe shouldn't be so hasty.

Ok, so if you're using a high-end pair of cans right now with your phone, you're not likely to replace them with the free pair that comes with the Galaxy S5. But if all you need a is pair of half decent headphones, they're definitely worth a listen.

They're nothing special to look at, just pretty regular looking earbuds with rubber tips. You only get the one set of tips which may hinder your own comfort a little, but they fit my ears just fine. You also get the handy volume and call buttons on an inline remote. Personally speaking any buds with inline volume controls get a thumbs up, definitely beats taking your phone out of your pocket constantly to adjust.

The most impressive thing is the sound quality. It's nothing super special, but you do get a generally good all round sound. Not too heavy on the bass but plenty enough so you know it's there, clear and crisp everywhere else. Everyone has their own tastes, but I think the Galaxy S5 earbuds outperform Apple's EarPods for sure. And they're much more comfortable to wear.

I swapped out my regular earbuds for these guys for a few days and I didn't find myself really aching to go back. They were good enough that I could get by listening to music and not be too disappointed. They're not as strong as the ones I use regularly and won't replace them, but they're staying in my desk drawer as a backup pair.

So if you've been looking for a solid pair of earbuds without having to fork out, take a look inside your Galaxy S5 box. You might be surprised.

Richard Devine