Duo and Google Play Books are the next to get dark themes

Google Duo logo
Google Duo logo (Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Dark themes are rolling out to both Google Duo and Google Play Books.
  • Both apps will follow the system-wide theme and Duo also includes a manual toggle in the settings.
  • The dark themes have been spotted on version 5.4 of Google Play Books and v63 of Duo.

The darkness is spreading, and that's a good thing. Recently, we covered dark mode rolling out to more of Google's apps such as Gmail and the Play Store. Now, two more Google apps are joining the club.

Google Play Books and Duo are officially the next apps to get a dark theme makeover. It might not have happened before Android 10 was released, but better late than never.

Like previous dark themes, Duo and Google Play Books both make use of a dark gray instead of black as the base color. That's fine, because it's still much easier on the eyes at night when paired with the the contrasty white text.

Both of the apps follow the system-wide theme in Android and will change when it is switched to dark mode. Duo even provides a manual switch in case you're on an older version of Android without system-wide theming. Unfortunately, Play Books doesn't appear to have a similar option.

So far, the dark theme has been spotted in version 5.4 of Play Books and v63 of Duo. However, both are most likely server-side switches, so if you haven't seen it show up yet, you'll just have to wait for Google to flip the switch for you. 

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Jason England