Dummy model of the HTC Thunderbolt has a different look from the rear (Update: Nothing to see, folks, this one's fake)

Update: Ignore this. Kellex from Droid Life points out to us that "exclusive" pic actually has been around for months.

Look at this dummy phone (ie one that looks like the actual device but is for display purposes only -- like what you see in Best Buy) of the HTC Thunderbolt, and you probably wouldn't think twice. Same camera, flashes and kickstand. But there are a few subtle details that are different from the earlier leak we saw this week.

The "With Google" slogan on the kickstand has been replaced with "With HTC Sense," there's an "8.0 MEGA PIXELS" stenciled near the camera lens, and the "4G LTE" stencil is gone. It's our understanding that the earlier leak was early marketing renders from Verizon, so it wouldn't surprise us in the least to see that things have changed. And "With HTC Sense," is more likely for a Sense device, isn't it?

Anyhoo, an earlier leaked pic is after the break for everybody to obsess over. Have at it. [HTCpedia]

HTC Thunderbolt

Phil Nickinson