Dummy model of the HTC Thunderbolt has a different look from the rear (Update: Nothing to see, folks, this one's fake)

Update: Ignore this. Kellex from Droid Life points out to us that "exclusive" pic actually has been around for months.

Look at this dummy phone (ie one that looks like the actual device but is for display purposes only -- like what you see in Best Buy) of the HTC Thunderbolt, and you probably wouldn't think twice. Same camera, flashes and kickstand. But there are a few subtle details that are different from the earlier leak we saw this week.

The "With Google" slogan on the kickstand has been replaced with "With HTC Sense," there's an "8.0 MEGA PIXELS" stenciled near the camera lens, and the "4G LTE" stencil is gone. It's our understanding that the earlier leak was early marketing renders from Verizon, so it wouldn't surprise us in the least to see that things have changed. And "With HTC Sense," is more likely for a Sense device, isn't it?

Anyhoo, an earlier leaked pic is after the break for everybody to obsess over. Have at it. [HTCpedia]

HTC Thunderbolt

Phil Nickinson
  • If HTC starts going along with the "bing" crap, i will be so disappointed ...
  • I'm pretty sure it's not HTC's decision. Verizon is the one who signed a deal with Microsoft to include Bing on their phones.
  • It is Verizon's decision. However, that being said, VZW has been doing great making sure that all the phones in the Droid line (after Eris, of course) are great pieces of hardware. So, if they prevent this device from being a Droid, that probably means it's a crappy phone that doesn't live up to the Droid brand, right?
  • I wouldn't worry since it has the "with Google" logo on it. And apparently it's 'Droid' branded
  • Ahh, just noticed this was updated to say it's a fake. I hope this is a Google experience phone for everyone's sake.
  • This Phone will be mine... My contract has been up since October 1st and I am seriously suffering "Technology Envy"..... Ahhhhhh
  • I still say the HTC Incredible HD and the HTC Thunderbolt are two different devices. One 4G with good specs and one 3G with better specs.
  • That's a really Interesting idea. I was starting to think maybe there were two phones like this once I saw this post. Good eye.
  • Would make sense. Look what Motorola did with the Milestone/Droid. There were some differences between the two. Also, if this is the final device, what the heck was that gallery posted here a couple days ago showing the VERIZON BRANDED version??
  • That is one of the more beautiful phones I've seen...
  • Incredible has better specs? how do you figure?
  • Incredible HD will probably have a dual-core CPU and possibly higher screen resolution.
  • I'd like to see the Incredible HD with a slightly smaller screen. 4" would be perfect. 4.3" is a little on the large size, especially for one-handed operation. And of course, if it has the same resolution, only larger screen size, well, that's a loss...
  • Haha! So a difference of .3" measured diagonally is a deal breaker for you? I bet that realistically you wouldn't even be able to tell a difference.
  • A diagonal difference of 0.3" is significant on hand-held screen devices. However, it is hard to believe that would be a deal-breaker, when you take all the specs into consideration. A huge difference would be something like the Evo 4.3" vs. Evo Shift 3.7". That is much smaller and a difference I could not tolerate well at all.
  • I would be a lot more excited about this device if it didn't have a Qualcomm processor. :-/
  • We'll see when it comes out. CES!!!
  • I tend to believe the earlier pics from Droid Life are of Verizon's Thunderbolt. I can see VZW putting their 4G logo on the back as part of their final design.
  • Those pics of the VZW branded phone were to legit looking to not be real. Plus, the Thunderbolt is really only the first REAL piece of LTE evidence we have seen. It seems that prior to big events, far more products get leaked ahead of time. With CES next week, it all kinda of falls in place doesn't it?
  • Can't wait for CES...
  • If the dummy phones are coming out does that mean we might be able to get one of these soon? If at WES they say it will be available in June I'm gonna go get the Incredible (or iPhone if it comes soon).
  • I love this phone and would upgrade and pass along my DInc to my husband......except if it's got Bing instead of Google. That's a non-starter. Hear me Verizon?
  • Wow, I just realized that the real one says "With Google." Maybe this will be a vanilla 2.3 device.
  • Its HTC its gonna have sense.