If you're looking for a cost effective monitoring solution then allow us to introduce you to Dropcam if you've not heard of them before.  Dropcam is a easy to use, easy to set up service that allows for remote monitoring via your device or web browser when using a Dropcam monitoring system.  With the Dropcam Android App you can:

  • Stream Live Video: Your Dropcam cloud-based cameras stream secure, uninterrupted live video that let you see every single minute of action. With the app, you can watch your video streams or friends’ Dropcam camera streams. Get live, smooth video playback on Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G.
  • Receive Instant Activity Alerts: The Dropcam system is so intelligent it uses motion and audio detection to identify and capture activity ‘Events’. These activities are displayed as a snapshot on your video timeline so you can check in immediately to see what’s happening. Using the Android app, quickly set up automatic email alerts to get instant notices for motion and noise event detection.
  • Access Dropcam DVR: The Dropcam DVR captures every second of what your camera sees and stores that video online for up to 30 days. DVR controls let you playback previously recorded events from your personal video stream. You can also download video clips to archive footage permanently.

Previously only available on other platforms, Dropcam has now moved into the Android Market as a free download. If you're a Dropcam system owner already this app compliments the services nicely. If you do not as of yet own a Dropcam system then you may wish to check them out of you're looking for any sort of remote video monitoring solution. Hit the source link for the full product details and a video of the app as well as the download can be found after the break. [Dropcam]