If you're a hardcore Dropbox user like most of us here at Android Central, then you should already have this update. But just in case you're not yet on board the Dropbox train, now is as good a time as any to get started. The latest beta version ( has been released via the Dropbox user forums and is now available for all to download. We've got the change log below for any folks out there wondering was is new:

  • Better error logging
  • If system clock is wrong, lets user know the reason for not being able to log in.
  • Bug and stability fixes. - Edited files were re-uploading every time their directory was browsed. (Though may still show up a single time for each file, when you first use the app)

  • Visual & Manifest changes to support low-end small-screen phones such as the Motorola Charm, as well as tablets.
  • Added more logging, and a button to e-mail a log to Dropbox, for debugging
  • Check to make sure that uploads aren't larger than 300MB (server-side API limit)
  • Proper handling & escaping of all special characters in file names
  • Offline viewing of downloaded files should work again.
  • Various stability improvements.

If you're feeling like taking a walk on the wild side and running the beta version you can find the download link in the Dropbox forums. If you need to know more about Dropbox first, be sure to check out their website for more details. [Dropbox]