Droid Zap

New 'Zap Zones' still limited to Droid devices, unfortunately

Droid Zap, the curiously-named picture and video sharing app announced alongside Motorola's new Droid devices, is opening up to all phones running Android 4.0 and above today. The app makes it (relatively) simple to share pictures and videos between devices by opening the app and swiping on the screen with two fingers. While the app would actually install on any device before, functionality was limited to just receiving files — you needed to have a Droid to send.

The ability to send and receive is now open to every device that it will install on, and the app has also been redesigned to be decidedly less "Droid" looking. The premise is still the same, though — choose or take a photo or video, then swipe up on the screen with two fingers. Anyone nearby with Droid Zap installed can swipe down and receive the item. You can password protect the files, or leave it open to anyone if you choose. A new feature called Zap Zone is still limited to Droid devices, which seamlessly shares all available photos between devices with fewer swipes.

Motorola positions this as a useful tool for parties, but just as we noted when it first came out, we're not sure how many people will have Droid Zap installed and ready to go on their phones for your next get-together. If you're interested in giving it a try, head to the Play Store link above and download it — you'll be sending pictures to everyone around you wirelessly in no time.