Droid X software update arrives; also, some reports of screen problems

First the good: The 1.13.604 software update for the Motorola Droid X finally started downloading last night, which means we can finally stop running this picture. Check out the official update thread in our forums.

Now, the not as good: There are a few reports (AC Forums, Engadget, Motorola (opens in new tab), DroidForums, et al) of Droid X screens going wonky. Some report that a reset cleared things up, which doesn't really point to a hardware problem, does it? Others are flat-out returning the phone. There's always going to be some rate of failure. Welcome to the tech world. It's hard to tell just yet how widespread any problem may be (though it does not appear to have anything to do with the update). Sound off if you've had an issue.

And we'd been hoping to avoid this, but apparently some of you are a little confused as to how to remove the Droid X's battery. We've got you covered after the break.

  • Now i don't know if i should even install it if it's causing screen problems...
  • Its not the update, my X's screen is defective and i havent applied the update.
  • It seems to be that its only a few X are havin that problem. I dont think this could be around 100 people over there with that problem.
  • i installed this morning and haven't noticed anything but my battery widget showing more juice then i had before i loaded it.
  • No problems here. They may have fixed the widget moving issue as well. But that doesn't pop up after a restart. Definetly seems a little quicker.
  • Cool.
  • i tried going to settings-about phone-system updates but its saying that check for update was not available at this time. is there any other way to update the phone? also my battery didnt come with a pull tab so it was kinda difficult to get the battery out even with a screwdriver.
  • lol talk about manufacture fail
  • This happened to someone I know. Assuming you got your Phone at a Verizon store (as opposed to delivered at home/office etc.) the sales guy/gal probably placed the battery OVER the pull tab. Just be careful trying to get the battery out and you should see the pull tab. BTW I too am getting a 'Check for Updates Not Available At This Time...Try Again Later' as well.
  • did not notice any difference to the weather widget, what is different?
  • Its black in color vs the blue it was before I think its hard to say I took that widget right off and got beautiful widgets from the market it does cost money but well worth it in my opinion. Looks sharp and you can pick from an assortment of different skins for it. No problems with my update so far so good now lets get that 2.2 asap
  • Downloaded it this morning. No issues at all - no dead pixels, no camera issues, etc. All is well with the new update. I did have one problem. It's not Froyo :-(
  • I got the screen issues on Saturday. Looked like there was a loose connection (i.e. the display would flicker in and out, vertical lines of random color bits, and then go to black with a white horizontal line at the very top being the only thing displayed. I rebooted, removed the battery, nothing helped. Then I removed the SD card and re-inserted it, and all was well. Have not been able to reproduce it since. Not sure what to do (return the phone, ask for a replacement, do nothing). I did receive the update this morning.
  • I got the same screen issue last Friday (after about 6 hours of having the phone). I also thought loose connection. I was traveling so could not do anything until Sunday. Took it to a local store in the city I was traveling in and they worked on the phone for a little while but no initial success. Because I ordered on line they had to place the replacement order to be sent to me. However just before I was going to leave the store they got it working again. They do not know what they did. After the screen came up they did a hard reset and it has been working since then. The nice C/S suggested that I get a replacement anyway. They said they will try to get it out in the shipment that will arrive at the end of the week. We will see if that happens. Hope the new one does not have the same issue.
  • I did the update shortly after midnight. No apparent change in the weather widget. I haven't been able to properly guage battery life
    yet. I did notice two" dead" pixels in widescreen camera mode, though, which do not appear anywhere else. Hoping for a fix to that in the next update but really it is only two pixels and you have to be looking for it.
  • Everything loaded fine no problems here. Like others I don't see a difference. I just hope when they release Froyo they fix some of the other problems like deleting contact history.
  • Updated mine this morning and noticed I went from showing 3G to now I show 3 bars. Updated my roaming and still stuck with 3 bars. Did a battery pull and its now dancing between 3 and 4. Will have to see if it goes back to normal later, showing the 3G pretty much all the time. Maybe part of the update was modifying the way it calculates the signal strength, after all the iPhone 4 controversy.
  • [double post edit]
  • Updated this morning. So far so good.
  • the update has been great for me. i was at 30% battery when i did the update....after the update the battery went to 70%!!!
  • Alright. Here's a new one.my phone discharged over night. I plug it in and everything on the screen looks as if it is a film negative. What is that all about. Gonna close my eyes and do a factory reset. But this bitch has been running all those fucking vzw software from day 1.
  • Well 30 minutes after doing my update and I now have a black home screen, with no options available. I can use the home button to open recent programs and have the notification bar, but that is it. After powering down and back up it looks normal again (cept I had to remove my retro clock widget and put it back on since it was showing 0:00)
  • Ok. After powering off it is back to normal. I really think all this prwinstalled bloatware is probably to blame. Can't delete it or uninstal it. Maybe droid 2 is the answer. I don't know.
  • I received my X yesterday and last night noticed that a pixel was out. Is that something that can be fixed or does the phone need to be replaced?
  • Most likely replaced. I'm no expert, but from my experience dead pixels are rarely something produced by a software issue. And for being a hardware issue, it would require a screen replacement.
  • yea just got back from verizon and they said try back next week and they "hope" to have some in to replace my phone with......great.
  • Mine was messed up where more than half the screen got those lines through it and went black as well. I just restored the phone once or twice and formated the SD card, then a couple minutes later the phone came back to life. I was able to replicate the problem twice after downloading a new galaxy live wallpaper. Curious if other users also downloaded the galactic core live wallpaper and then experienced this issue.. I will upload a picture of how my screen looked later today in the forums! http://forum.androidcentral.com/motorola-x/23854-defective-screens.html
  • Guess it goes to show... When you take pot shots at a competitor (iPhone Antenna issue), better make sure what you have is free of major problems as well. Love Android smartphone platform, it is my prefered platform (have an EVO), but it would be funny to see Apple pull an ad referencing the screen. Joking aside, Motorola owned up to the issue immediately, something Jobs and crew need to learn. Responsibility goes a long way to establishing yourself as a leader. Go Motorola!
  • Just Updated! no screen problems before or after update.
  • Does anyone know a way to scale images for background because every time I try and do that drag to crop selector that set as brings up after picking my picture of choice I can never get it to crop the way I want it I wanna use the whole picture :-( any help would be much appreciated
  • Still running 516 here. No update. Has anyone received the update? Tried manual and nothing available.
  • I had to go in and check for it manually but no issues so far. Matter of fact i'm happy with phone if for the simple fact i accidentally jumped in the hot tub with it in my pocket and im typing on it now! Lol granted i realized the same second, had a mild heart attack and jumped out but still. Back on track did those of you that updated have to check for it manually or did it notify an update was available? Im a bit bothered it didn't notify me. Had it not been for the AC widget i would not have known.
  • Checked for update again and it was available. Installed no problem. Still wondering why screen went negative? Gonna uninstall photoshop. Installed last night and...
  • I had 2 pixels that out from day one and after the first full charge one of the pixels corrected itself. This morning I woke up and took it off the charger and everything was good but twenty minutes later I got an email but the phone was dead. The green light was blinking but the screen was blank and holding the power button did nothing. I popped the battery out and it restarted fine but I'm still going to see if I can get it swapped out due to the pixel being out.
  • No issues here, the only thing was the battery indocator went up after the update.
  • I cant believed how crappy this phone went out! its a shame to Motorola
    we deserve better.
  • im inclined to say that after the update my x is running a little warm. And its not doing anything...its just sitting there. Pretty sure it wasnt doing this before. Hopefully this is just the product of suggestion. Anyone else getting this?
  • Yep. Sometimes feeling warm on the lower end of the phone. Near the speaker.
  • My screen issue is definitely hardware. I thought it may be software at first but after a battery pull and a full factory reset everything is the same. My screen flickers even at the Motorola logo on boot up. Take a look at my uploaded video of my screen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRFX0t7cDb4 This happened to my phone after 3 days so when I went into the store to get it replaced they were all out. I am currently waiting on a new X to be sent to me but I am looking at a ship date of the 27th. That's no fun. But I do understand the risks of purchasing first run productions of electronic. Just sucks about the ship date.
  • i had screen problems on launch day within 5 minutes...returned it and the 2nd one hasnt had any issues..so maybe its not just the update
  • My Droid X also had a screen issue. On the first day the screen went out for a minute or two. The phone keys stayed backlit and the screen also showed power but no images. The second day the same thing happened but the phone turned off completely and would not turn back on.it was like that for about 5 hours and wouldn't even charge or anything. I took it to verizon to get a different one buy they were sold out. when I went to verizon the phone actually came on and was acting normal.they could not reproduce the issue but I told them I wanted a new one ordered for me.another store close by actually had a few in stock and now this one is working fine.just did the update and everything is working as it should.
  • This update slowed my phone down. The swype to unlock is now slow and choppy and it is slower moving between screens This happened immediately after running the update.
  • Since the update I got 2 dead pixels in camera mode, the weird thing is they show dead, then you take a picture and there is no sign of dead pixels in the pic. Hopefully verizon or moto get a quick fix on this or im going to have swap mine out, i would now but I it wouldnt ship till The 3rd.
  • I don't have any of these screen problems MY SCREEN PROBLEM is acutally my screen stop reacting to my touch whether its in between a text, surfing the web, putting my pattern in or even everytime i try to answer the phone it won't let me. I have to miss the call an call them back which is so annoying especially when someones like let me call you back an they do an im trying to answer but it wont let me. Its not that the phone freezes its just like the screen decides your not good enough to press buttons on it anymore an just stops responding dims down and turns off, then you have to turn it back on put in your pattern an continue until it does it again 10 seconds later. ANYWAY so i noticed this IMMEDIATELY when i got the phone an Verizon was like "o its the screen protectors" so i returned them then i went home an it continued to do it so i went back an they said "You texting to fast" so i text a like a letter per second an it still did it. So then she took my phone an spoke to another rep in the corner an came back an said "well your running like 15 apps an your battery just dead, if you run all those apps at ones it's gonna slow your phone down an make it so the screen is slow/inaccurate" ummm first of all the stupid apps are all open when the phone is turned on an half of them i don't even want but Verizon made them un-deletable but being the non-complainer i am (try to be) i said ok well i'll go charge it an see what happens. It continued happening an now 6 days later is even worse. I ordered a new one last Friday over the phone should be here but next Tuesday. I did also noticed that about 4 times since i had it my screen will go black an not allow me to turn the phone back on for about 10 seconds but i just figured its cuz the phone is all out of wack an i BETTER not see that on my replacement otherwise the Driod2 might be the way to go. This is my first all touch-screen phone an i love it other than its issues i'm satisfied. Can't wait till next week though.
  • bought mine at launch and the camera didn't work. I went into the store and the tech made some notes to my account and I called vzw cust service. They had new X's in stock sent one out to me and I got it today and everything is good on the new one. When products are mass produced there are going to be a few lemons it's just the nature of things.
  • After I installed this update the phone seems to reboot itself from time to time. Anyone have a fix?