Droid X 'old version' seems to suggest a new version may exist

Have a Droid X? Have a new Droid X? Chances are it's now an "old version," as that's what some folks are seeing on their Verizon log-in screens. Couple of things this could mean.

  1. Could just be a hardware revision. The HTC Evo's undergone a few of them, but it's still an Evo.
  2. (And this is probably more likely) We'll soon (or not) see a new Droid X on arrive. There have been some purported leaked pictures that look a lot like a current Droid X, with more powerful specs under the hood.

Either way, it's a bit of intrigue. And that's the sort of thing we love around here. Thanks, @broadwayblues!

Phil Nickinson