Droid X Gingerbread update pushing out ... now!

You went to sleep last night, didn't you. (OK, so did we.) But wake up this morning, and that Droid X Gingerbread soak test has turned into a full-fledged dunking, with the update rolling out en masse. Lest you forget what you're getting: Coming down the pike is Android 2.3.3. Not the latest version of Gingerbread, but pretty close. You'll also have a new version of the Blur user interface, so things will look slightly different when you're done. It's a 111.8-megabyte download, so it might take a minute or two to snag.

To get the update, if you don't already see it, just go to Menu>Settings>About phone>System updates, and you'll be on your way.

More: Droid X forums; Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

  • Grabbed mine around 6am this morning! So far, so good!
  • A lil help mine wont install what do i do??? I want gingerbread!!!! Help!!!!
  • I updated my Girlfriends phone this morning, after it was downloading the file it didn't do anything. I just went back into about phone and checked for an update again and then it asked to install the update file. Hope this helps.
  • Got mine about half an hour ago. Looks great like da new changes
  • Can anyone post the new build number? I upgraded to the leaked version a while back and I am not seeing any updates. Do I have to somehow flash back to stock for this to work?
  • Build number is 4.5.1_57_DX5-26. I believe you do have to flash back to stock before the install.
  • Any idea how to do that and where to get the files from?
  • Hop on the forums. The instructions are all there in the "Rooting, Roms and Hacks" subsection. We don't bite, I promise.
  • Grabbed it bright and early, everything looks great so far! AVJ - Settings > About Phone > System Update. Enjoy!
  • mine keeps failing on install :(
  • It's good to see Motorola making some progress with 2.3 updates. Not that it gives me any hope for an Atrix update anytime soon, but it's nice that they're not apparently just sitting on their thumbs.
  • got home from work a little bit ago, upon reading this, went to check the husband's X...he said he got the update shortly after midnight last nite
    edit(240pm cst): he informed me while we were at lunch that he tried to pull it shortly before midnite and no luck, and then tried again shortly after midnite and was able to
  • How do I flash back to stock??
  • For all those screaming HELP, go to the Android Central Droid X forum on this site. There will be people discussing the update issues there, and that is where all the helping hands smart people hang out.
  • No love for the X2?
  • What??? That phone just came out!! It'll be a while!
  • Why would it be a while? They are essentially the exact same phone.
  • Wrong. While the case is the same, they use different processors, DX is an OMAP, DX2 is an nVidia Tegra2. Screen rez is different. The difference are many, but are internal. Although the phones look the same, they are very different. Probably the reason there is a separate forum for the DX2.
    As far as the previous comment, why would you buy the phone and immediately be unhappy with the OS? You should not have bought the phone. Maybe you can still return it to VZW.
  • That's a little harsh. The poster asked a question that has been asked by the writers on this site and many other Droid-related websites. It is odd that Motorola/VZW released an updated phone (X2)running FroYo, but then almost immediately released GB for the OG X. Its not unreasonable to wonder when the X2 will be updated, especially given that GB has been out for a while now. And I didn't read anywhere in their post where they were unhappy with the X2 or its OS. And remember, just because someone buys a smartphone, doesn't automatically make them as tech savvy as you. Those of us who do understand the difference a processor or screen resolution makes when it comes to updating an OS are in the minority. Most people don't understand this, or even care to know it. You did a good job of explaining it, if not a little condescending in your tone.
  • Yeah... what he said. :-)
  • I'm not unhappy with my phone, in fact I LOVE my phone, and I've only had it for less than a week. It's my first Android phone... I've been stuck on Blackberrys (Storm, then 8330 after the Storm had an OS crash) for the past 2 years because as bad as I wanted an Android phone, I really don't think a smartphone is worth $500+. So no, I'm probably not the most knowledgeable person on this site when it comes to phones, so pardon my ignorance. I thought that the X2 was only different from the X by the dual-core processor and the screen resolution, and assumed that wouldn't be a factor in the OS update. But I do know that Gingerbread has been out for about a year, give or take, and that very few phones have it, so I'd like to be in on the conversation when you people start talking about the differences between that & Froyo.
  • A year, give or take? More like 6 months. Froyo has been out for about a year.
  • New looks are awesome love the new colors and homepage :) better to navigate also
  • So you guys that are getting BG for your Droid X's is is screwing you out of using Wireless Tether? I am not looking forward to that when the DInc gets GB.
  • Try being a responsible adult and pay for tethering/wifi hotspot like a man (or woman.) I NEED to be able to use tethering for work (as a DBA), so I pay for it and don't have to whine about it to everyone when I can't hack my way into getting it for free. Yeah, it costs extra, but if it was free and unlimited for everyone they would all be using it as their main source of internet connection and it would be as slow and unpredictable to use as a badly built SQL query!
  • I paid and tested the paid version of tethering. It was horrible, my wireless connection kept dropping ever 5 - 10 minutes. I could never keep a solid connection. So I tried pdanet and never looked back, its works perfectly and I never lose connection. I do not feel guilty, because I pay for unlimited data on my device. Why pay for the same thing twice? Anyways, I would be more than happy to sign back up and pay for Verizons tethering service, if they made the service worth the extra $20. Until then, I will what ever service give me the best consistent connection to what ever device I am tethering to. Personally, I would like to ask how Verizon can force people to pay twice for the same data. If anything, they should allow you to use the data however you want to use it and simply cap the user in the amount of data they are aloud to use. Then we would not have this problem.
  • I don't agree. Mobile Hotspot is an OS feature that Verizon and others chose to cripple for their own financial benefit. It is literally a way that they can charge you for 3G Data that you are alread paying them for. It shouldn't matter whether you're using that bandwidth to surf through the phone's 4" screen or a 17" screen. I use my Droid X for personal use, and rarely used the 3G Wifi Hotspot, but it was nice knowing I oculd withough paying out another $20 per/month. Since the update...I can't...crippled again.
  • Tethering still works fine in the paid version. If you want to hide it from VZW there are still apps that do so. Not a big deal.
  • This update has Nerf'd my phone!!! I can't access any apps and my Launcher Pro keeps force closing and making my phone reboot. My phone has randomly rebooted about 10 times since install :(
  • Did you try a wipe/reset?
  • Hey, Phil. You need to charge your phone!
  • Facebook in Gingerbread......ew. Ew ew ew. Good thing they're working on a new build.
  • P3droid > OTA
  • Great. The OG Droid X gets Gingerbread and we EVO owners are still waiting on it. I reckon after they finally release the EVO 3D, they'll finally give us the download. SIGH....
  • (in reference to the comment below, RE border around the phone) Maybe,I'm not sure if I'm just seeing that b/c you pointed it out to me though :)
    I also feel like the Unlock slider has moved down slightly. I keep missing it when I go to unlock it, and takes me several attempts.
    GRRR, why mess with things that work fine already
  • Is it just me or does the update seem to reduced the utilized screen space, leaving a small border all the way around the screen?
  • Atrix shafted again
  • Atrix is getting this update in a few weeks. It is set to be in the June-July timeframe.
  • Anyone else's contact birthdays screwed up now?
  • I apologize for the following question, but I'm guessing I'm not the only person who needs help with this (based on the numbers of forums I've read on the same topic). I'm currently running the previously leaked .588 GB. It's my understanding I need to flash back to Froyo in order to get the official GB update. That's fine. I just need VERY precise and simply instructions on how to do so, if someone would be so kind. What SBF file do I need? Where do I find it? What version of RSD Lite do I need? Once I have that info, I think i've got the step-by-step instructions on how to go about flashing Froyo and should be on my way. Really appreciate any help here. Btw, what's the difference between .588 and .596? Anything noticeable?
  • Everything you need to know is already in the Droid X forums. You should go check them out.
  • RSDLite vers. 4.9 seems to work the best for most people. Some say 4.8 will work, but it didn't work at all for me. As far as the differences bt .588 and .596, I personally haven't really noticed any... Haven't paid that much attention though. Also, there is a way to get .596 on your phone w/o going back to froyo, for that, see the forums for instructions. I flashed my phone back last week before the soak test group even got their update.
  • my launcher screwed up too! i was using Go launcher X, it kept force closing then trying to restart the program and force closing yet again... I just quickly got to my setting when i could and removed the launcher. Really dont need it with the Gingerblurr.
  • Its about time!!! Phone works better than ever. Although, after waiting so long for this, I am ready for something new... HAHA
  • I have an Incredible, but I could not resist the temptation to grab my clueless co-workers X. I performed the manual update for him, and while I was at it, created a gmail account that his phone sorely needed... ;-) I need extra phones to tinker with just because....
  • Still can't get the update... just sits there forever saying "Checking for avaialble update, please wait" Bleh
  • I was up late last night, and pulled the update around 12:30 or 1 am. So far, pretty good. The keyboard seems a little laggy, though.
  • The new Multi-Touch keyboard sucks in my opinion. I like the "numbers" layout at the top, but why did they get rid of the "swipe keyboard down" to in order to minimum the keyboard? Now I have to hit "back arrow" key to minimize the keyboard each time. Thanks, that button will wear out pretty quick now. Guess that was Moto's plan.
  • Noticed a lot of people complaining so I had to log in. The original DX is getting the update before the DX2 because it was out first and Motorola has had more time to develop the update. Froyo was the newest version of android when the DX2 was being developed so that's what the system was based on. It will get gingerbread in due time it takes time to develop software. Same goes for the Atrix. As for the evo that's htc and it is taking longer because of sense.
    Second if you are rooted and want to stay that way don't take the update. Same goes if your thinking about rooting. P3droid has a prerooted version out so go get that and flash it. You can go straight from whatever leak you are on and keep what little root privileges we have on the DX. Also if that's not your flavor then you can flash liberty .06 it is also based on the official version of gingerbread. Hope this helped out a few people. If you took the update and lost root that sucks but I'm pretty sure that gingerbreak works on the official version of gingerbread on the DX. I just don't know if it's been released yet.
  • I likey. I wish I could move that app drawer on the dock. That is where my gmail app was prior to gingerbread. I keep hitting the wrong button!
  • I'm still getting "check for update was not available at this time. Try again later." Does anyone know why that may be? FYI - not rooted.
  • I am very happy. Update was a smooth transition.
  • Received the OTA update last night and installed. The update downloaded within a few minutes and the installation process seemed to go well. When my phone rebooted, it completely froze up and has been bricked ever since. Can't do anything with it even after several battery pulls. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated - thanks!
  • Pull battery and reinsert. Hold power and home button to get to recovery mode. Wipe data factory reset reboot and good luck. If that don't work then you will have to sbf. There is a tutorial in the forum. If you don't want to mess with it and have never rooted just take it into Verizon and let them deal with it.
  • Thanks. Worked like a charm and update went smooth.
  • The new Multi-Touch keyboard sucks in my opinion. I like the "numbers" layout at the top, but why did they get rid of the "swipe keyboard down" to in order to minimum the keyboard? Now I have to hit "back arrow" key to minimize the keyboard each time. Thanks, that button will wear out pretty quick now. Guess that was Moto's plan.
  • I had the same thing as RJ as well and did all that and it is just a block of black it wont even get to a home screen everything seemed to be going good but then i had it for bout 3 seconds and lost it and now cant even seem to turn it on it has to reboot by pulling battery every time and then i get to my home screen and can get to setting but cant open settings so im just lost called Verizon and they said they would send me a new what pisses me off is that i did nothing wrong and played by the rules and now i'm out of a phone cause of there stupid update
  • My install reverted back to Flash V10.1 !! Check your install, you may have to mkt install V10.3. A couple of my apps now offer SD card appl placement...yippee! Downside is - I was able to free up some 225 Meg Ram consistently, now it only allows around 200. Duh. Great update...so far! Enjoy !
  • For some reason, I thought -- or maybe hoped -- that the Gingerbread update would bring Flickr account integration. Bah humbug!
  • No idea why everyone is so excited about this update?? They are only pushing it out to control there customers there is no benefit to this update and I will not be getting it
  • Updated this morning and everything went fine! But any way to put the voicemail quick access down on the bottom left of the dial pad like before the update instead of the add to contacts like it is now??
  • Td Ameritrade app no longer works on DROID x after upgrade to gingerbread. Please help or might have to go get an iphone.
  • Downloading on my wife's X as we speak. Now if only someone knew if the Droid R2D2 will get its own GB update or if I'll have to use the D2 one.
  • i noticed the hard buttons are ALOT brighter and the ringer is alot louder too now i can hear my alarm
  • My buttons are WAY brighter too. Wonder if that will be a battery sucker? Is there some place to adjust that?
  • I haven't gotten crap for an update on my Droid X!!! Running 2.3.340.MB810.Verizon.en.US (Android 2.2.1). And any time that I try to check for update it tells me that either there isn't one or "Check for update was not available at this time. Try again later"!! WTF I WANT MY GINGERBREAD!! Phone doesn't have anything custom stuff on it and the phone is only about 3 months old!