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Verizon has put the pre-order pages for the Droid Pro and the Droid 2 Global online, and they both are live and ready to take your order.  We love seeing Android phones with "world phone" capability, as these two each bring something unique to the table.

The Droid Pro combines it's 3.2 inch touch screen with a front facing Qwerty, and is geared directly at the business professional.  Its specs are great, and I think the phone should make the ex-BlackBerry user feel right at home.  The Droid Pro lists for $179.99 on contract and with the rebate, or $479.99 off contract.  Check it out in action in our hands-on right here.

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The Droid 2 Global adds world phone capabilities and a 1.2 GHz processor to the Droid 2, and is being labeled as "Enterprise Ready".  It's the first Android phone to break the 1 GHZ barrier out of the box, and we can't wait to see how speedy this one will be.  I'm feeling the winter white model, I have to admit.  The Droid 2 Global lists for $199.99 after rebate and on contract, or $559.99 if bought outright.

Hit the source links to get to the pre-order pages.  Thanks CJ and Ryan! [Verizon -- Droid Pro, Droid 2 Global]

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