Droid Incredible OTA update fixes Exchange issues

Many reports have came in that Droid Incredible owners were being notified of it's first OTA update starting Saturday, but nobody was really sure of the details.  Well it seems that Engadget got word right from Big Red -- the update only fixes a small bug in Exchange support.  Verizon's official statement:

It was discovered that customers using Exchange for corporate email may find when an email is opened that has no recipients in the CC field, unintended recipients email addresses can sometimes be added into the CC field from previously received emails when the user selects the reply all function. The update that is being pushed to customers is to correct that issue. THIS ONLY IMPACTS EXCHANGE Users (corporate users).

Not the biggest deal in the world (unless you need Exchange support!), but nice to see the problem addressed so quickly.  Let's hope Verizon stays on top of things and fixes other bugs just as fast. [via Engadget and Phandroid]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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