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Droid 2 Global in this month's Esquire

This Verizon advertisement in this month's Esquire magazine featuring the Droid 2 Global probably will be the last one we run here. Because while the D2G never was officially announced, it just sort of came into existence and is available on Verizon's website with little fanfare. You'll also note the Droid Pro in this advert -- it's available now, too.

So that's half of the global lineup we saw teased a month ago. Missing from the equation are the HTC Merge, which we've had our hands all over and are expecting any time now, and the LG enV Pro, which has either been delayed or canceled, depending on whom you ask.

  • Android handsets AND scantily clad pics of Minka Kelly in the same issue?! Double schwing!
  • They keep making Droids and yet NONE that are supposed to be "top of the line" have a front facing cam! What a waste...I'm not even gonna bother buying a Droid till they get with the program.
  • I think the reason Sprint has front facing camera phones is because it has a 4G network that is active. T-Mobile has their 3G + network. Verizon will get front camera phones very soon, now that they will have a 4G network almost as big as Sprint's. The one exception to the rule would be the samsung transform, which is an entry level android device with a front camera and no 4G access.
  • So you're saying the Droid X and D2/D2g aren't top of the line...yeah ok. I honestly don't understand why people are going crazy about phones not having a front facing camera. Unless you are constantly wanting to look at yourself, or want to be like an iphone, or want to video call only people who have a front facing camera phone too, I don't see why it has to be a necessity.
  • I wonder if they get 4G on the Kenyan Safari?