My Motorola Droid 2 is one of my favorite phones, and the clean blue and silver appearance is one that I really like. After having the device for a little while, and trying other cases, I decided that maybe it was best to just have something to prevent scratches from occurring and keep the clean, simple look that attracted me to the device. When looking through the various cases offered for the device the Mobi Products Snap-On Case caught my attention with its clear, slim design. Let's hit the jump and take a look at some of the pro's and con's of this case as well as some more images.

Upon receipt of the case I was immediately concerned about the quality, the clear plastic is rather thin, which I knew considering that helped keep it slim, but I was worried about it cracking or breaking. My first thought was to put it on and take it off a couple times to try and gauge the quality of it, whether or not the plastic would hold up. Much to my pleasure the case did not seem to creek or sound like it was about to crack at any point during the application or removal.


The case has small plastic tabs that help hold it in place, which was another point of concern for myself. These tabs are a bit delicate, so some extra caution was needed when placing the case on the device, and removing it. Luckily for myself removing the case is a rare event, and this would not affect me, but if you are a heavy user, and switch batteries throughout the day this may be something to consider.


It is rather apparent by design that this case is not made for extreme protection, but instead aimed more towards basic protection. If you are looking for a nice clear case, that keeps the small form factor of the phone, and allows basic protection this case is ideal for you. Keeping in mind the fact that the plastic is thin, and the tabs are potentially fragile, the case is definitely worth the $12.95 it costs from the Android Central Store.