DoubleTwist's CloudPlayer picks up full FLAC support and cellular data toggle

CloudPlayer, the recently-launched music app from doubleTwist that turns your favorite cloud storage service into a streaming music locker, has received its first big update. Coming along in the update are a few new big features, such as full FLAC file support and a cellular data toggle. Here's the full breakdown of what's new in CloudPlayer version 1.0.4:

  • Added setting to turn Cellular Data use on or off. When off, streaming is WiFi-only.
  • Added full FLAC support (including 24bit 192KHz). We no longer rely on Android's FLAC (which is buggy on Samsung devices).
  • Added support for WMA (Windows Media Audio) files in Cloud Storage.
  • Improved handling of mp3 files that contain corrupt frames (which was causing playback to skip to next track).

If you're a big cloud storage user and prefer listening to your own music files over streaming services like Spotify and Rdio, CloudPlayer is definitely worth checking out. Its layout adheres to material design, and the app itself packs plenty of interesting features for the music lover. You can snag today's update from Google Play now.