Invest in a new prepaid phone at Verizon Wireless and sign up for a new prepaid plan between $30 and $45 and you'll get bonus data equivalent to double the data you signed up for. If you sign up for Verizon's $40 plan, you'll get 3GB of data a month. Thanks to this bonus, that jumps to 6GB.

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Verizon Wireless prepaid plans

Focus on saving money without focusing on each gigabyte of data. This deal gives you a bonus every month of double whatever your plan already gives you.

Double the Data

The deal is only available when activating a new account. You won't see the data during your initial checkout, but it will be in your account after activation. As long as you keep the account active, the bonus data will be added each month. Also, you don't have to stick with that plan. You can move between eligible plans and still keep the bonus data.

This deal works with a variety of Verizon's smartphones. You'll pay for the phone up front, so you should know what you want to spend. You can get anything from the Motorola Moto e4 for $49.99 to the Samsung Galaxy S10+ for $1,599.99.

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Read more about the Galaxy S10 series, if that's the phone you're interested in. Much like the Pixel 3, we also gave the S10 4.5 stars and a The Best recommendation. It has one of the best smartphone displays we've ever seen, powerful technology, and three cameras that include one 16MP ultra wide-angle camera you'll just want to mess around with. The review said, "the Galaxy S10 gets as close as possible to fulfilling the promise of being the best phone for the widest range of people out there" and reviewer Andrew Martonik added, "I can recommend a Galaxy S10 or S10+ to anyone and not worry that it'll be missing something they want or rely on in a modern high-end smartphone."

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