Don't miss your chance to save 20% on Amazon Kindle e-readers in this limited-time deal

Kindle Oasis 2019 long-term review
Kindle Oasis 2019 long-term review (Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

Whether you're looking for more ways for you and your family to stay entertained indoors or want to be able to take more books with you wherever you go, you ought to check out Amazon's Kindle e-readers.

Right now, Amazon is offering a stellar Kindle deal to help snag a couple of e-readers with a significant discount. Simply buy two Kindle devices together and you'll save 20% on the total price. That means you could snag two entry-level Kindle e-readers for just $72 apiece or save as much as $120 on two top-tier Kindle Oasis devices.

Add any two qualifying Kindle devices to your cart at Amazon and you'll get 20% off their regular prices at checkout. The deal applies to brand new 10th-generation Kindle, Kindle Kids Edition, Kindle Paperwhite, or Kindle Oasis devices.

The Kindle Oasis e-reader is made for absorbing as many books, newspapers, magazines, and audiobooks as you possibly can. It has a 7-inch 300 ppi display that's specifically designed to be flush on the front for a sleek design. There's also an adjustable warm light that lets you shift the screen from white to amber. That can be helpful based on changing lighting conditions, and it can be a little more relaxing on your eyes.

In addition to the flush display, the whole device is designed around being thin, lightweight, and easy to use. It has page turn buttons right on the sides, and the e-ink technology reads like real paper. The Oasis is also waterproof with an IPX8 rating.

The Kindle Paperwhite also has a lot of good things going for it. For one thing, it's waterproof. Take it to the pool or get caught in the rain without worry. It also starts at twice the storage of previous generations with 8GB instead of 4GB, and you can always upgrade up to 32GB.

On the affordable end, the base Kindle offers lacks some of those more advanced features — like IPX8 and a high-res screen — but you're still getting a lot of value for your money. A key addition in this 10th-generation version is a front light, making it that much more conducive to use the Kindle at night. The front light makes a huge difference, and the fact that it is now available on the entry-level Kindle is a big deal.

The Amazon Kindle Kids Edition, also included in the promotion, features a 10th-gen Kindle e-reader inside a kid-friendly protective cover with a full year of Amazon Kids+ access and a two-year worry-free guarantee. It is perfect for children who love to read, and it could actually save you money in the long run. With the Kids+ subscription, your child will have access to read thousands of popular books and series so you won't have to buy a bunch of pricey books for them to devour in a day or two.

All of these devices have batteries that will last for weeks and let you use the more advanced features like the lights or Bluetooth without fear of draining them too fast. Pick your favorite and get to reading.

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