Android Central Podcast 189

A quick reminder, folks, that you'll want to check out the audio-only version of our latest episode of the Android Central Podcast, as we've got a couple interviews that should be relevant to your interests.

First up is SwiftKey CMO Joe Braidwood, who walks us through the changes to one of Android's most popular third-party keyboards, as well as the company working on an iOS keyboard.

And then we've got Mobile Nations Design Director David Lundblad (he's amazeballs) on the line to talk about last week's controversial redesign of the Android Central header. (Well, controversial in the sense that some folks love it, and some don't. We know which group outnumbers the other, though, and you'll note that the header remains.) He talks about the decisions that went into the changes, and what's still to come.

You can check out both interviews here.