Best answer: No. Visible only provides service in the U.S., so you'll need to use another SIM card for international usage.

  • Reliable data at home or abroad : Google Fi (From $20/mo. at Google Fi)
  • Simple, affordable, and unlimited in the U.S. : Visible Unlimited ($40/mo. at Visible)

Service at home

Simplicity is the game that Visible is playing. With a consistent $40 per month plan and no variations, you give up a few options. Visible uses Verizon's LTE network for service, and while this provides great coverage in the U.S., if you're leaving the country, you'll need to do a little extra work.


If you travel all the time, it really may be worth considering how a service like Google Fi might work for you when compared to Visible. You could also use a local prepaid SIM when traveling, though I would recommend arranging this ahead of schedule.

One option may be to use a service like Google Fi only when you travel. With this, you'll only need to pay for the $20 line charge if you avoid using data on it. For this you should get an unlocked phone that supports as many networks as possible, such as a Google Pixel 3a. You can pause your Google Fi service for 90 days if you aren't sure when you will need to travel again.

While using another SIM won't give you access to your texts and calls, you will still be able to use other services like Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Google Hangouts, or Line to stay connected and make calls over data.

Truth be told, Visible is not the best option for someone that travels out of the country often, but if you do so only sparingly, using data only for a trip with another SIM card or Wi-Fi hotspot could definitely be a possibility.

Our pick

Google Fi

Use it to travel, pause it when you don't

Google Fi has data roaming in 200+ countries for the same price as in the U.S. Stay connected with great reliable data whether you're home or abroad.

Unlimited in the US


A strong network in the U.S.

Visible is as simple as possible. Use Verizon's LTE network with no contract and get good speeds for browsing and streaming and no surprise fees.

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