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Best answer: Yes, Tello does allow you to bring your own phone over to use with its service. So long as it supports CDMA networks and isn't locked down to another carrier, your phone will work great with Tello.

Already have a phone? Bring it to Tello!

Shopping for new phone service can often be a stressful task and one that you want to keep as simple as possible. Many carriers heavily advertise and push new phones on you if you're considering joining, but if you already own a phone that you really like, this can be the last thing you want to see.

If you're looking into joining Tello, you'll be happy to know that Tello does allow you to bring your own phone over to use with its service. So long as it's compatible with Tello, you can bring it over, pop a SIM card in, and you're ready to rock and roll.

It needs to support CDMA networks

While Tello does allow you to bring your own phone, not every single handset will work.

Tello uses Sprint's CDMA network for its coverage, and as such, the phone you're bringing over needs to support CDMA towers and not be locked to another carrier (Sprint or otherwise).

If you're unsure if your phone is compatible, you can use the compatibility checker on Tello's website to verify things. Just enter your device's IMEI number, click Check, and Tello will let you know whether or not it'll work.

You'll have access to all of Tello's features and coverage

Should you end up having a phone that works with Tello and bring it over to use, you'll have access to all of Tello's great features.

You'll get free unlimited texting and can customize how many minutes and data you want each month — resulting in an affordable bill. You also won't pay a dime for hotspot access, and if you have friends or family in Canada, Mexico, or China, you can make calls to those countries at no additional cost.

Tello doesn't have any contracts, so you can reconfigure your plan whenever you want and come and go as you please.


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Have a CDMA phone? Bring it over

So long as your phone can connect to CDMA networks, you can bring it to Tello without any problems. Tello has competitive monthly rates, a compelling unlimited plan, and things like free hotspot access and international calling to select countries.

Perfect pairing

Google Pixel 3a

Google Pixel 3a

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Let's say your current phone won't work with Tello. What's a person to do? Get a Pixel 3a, that's what. Google's Pixel 3a brings a lot to the table for its low price, including an AMOLED display, guaranteed software updates, and an outstanding camera.

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