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Best answer: Yes, Tello Mobile does allow hotspot use. It's included for free with any plan you choose, meaning you don't have to pay a penny more just to tether with your other devices.

Tello doesn't charge extra for hotspot use

Tello is a wireless carrier with a ton of great features, including free hotspot access!

Some of Tello's competitors charge $10/month to use your phone's hotspot, meaning you could potentially save $120 every year just by signing up for Tello and using your hotspot for free.

Using your phone's hotspot is also dead simple. Just hop into its settings, find the section for "network & internet," and you should see a section for hotspot and tethering. Here, you can turn the hotspot on, adjust its security, password, and more.

The hotspot feature counts against your regular monthly data

When you use your phone's hotspot on Tello, any data that's used simply counts against your regular monthly data allowance.

Have a Tello plan with 4GB of monthly data? You'll share that 4GB between data you use on your phone and whenever its hotspot is enabled. If you're a particularly heavy user, it's probably worth splurging for the 12GB data option.

It's also worth remembering that your monthly data allotment is for LTE data. Once you've used up your data for the month, you can keep on using unlimited 2G data. It'll be quite a bit slower, but good enough for basic web browsing, calling an Uber, using Google Maps and light versions of social media apps

Free hotspot

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Wireless service with easy-peasy hotspot access

If you're thinking about switching carriers, you owe it to yourself to check out Tello. Tello offers highly customizable plans, low prices, free hotspot use, and calls to Canada, Mexico, and China at no extra cost.

Perfect for Tello

Google Pixel 3a

Google Pixel 3a

One of the best phones you can get for Tello

The Pixel 3a works perfectly with Tello, and it's one of the best deals out there. It has an outstanding camera, great software, and a sturdy plastic design. It also comes with three years of guaranteed software updates.

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