Does the PS5 come in black?

Ps5 Side Shot
Ps5 Side Shot (Image credit: Sony)

Best answer: No, there is not an official black PS5. While there's nothing stopping Sony from releasing a black PS5 at some point, the only official color that has been revealed is the dual-toned white PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition.

Is there a black PS5?

No. Any photos you've seen of a black PS5 have likely been doctored. There is the chance that a retailer could offer a special black edition of the PS5 — hello, 24k gold plated PS5 — but supply would be extremely limited. Sony is only mass producing the white PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition at this time.

Could we get a black PS5 in the future?

It's possible. Sony hasn't officially revealed any plans to release a black PS5, but nothing is stopping them. Considering how many people have been asking for one, there's definitely a chance we could see a black PS5 at some point, just not at launch.

Can the PS5 be customized?

Possibly. Sony VP of UX design at PlayStation Matt MacLaurin indicated that the PS5 is customizable, saying "this [hardware] is also customizable in ways previous gens weren't." People have speculated that the white face plates are interchangeable, so we could be able to replace them with any sort of color and design we want.

If anything changes on this front, we'll be sure to update you.

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