Does my television support Stadia?

Stadia (Image credit: Windows Central)

Best answer: Stadia can be used on any TV that can accept an HDMI signal thanks to Chromecast Ultra.

Stadia runs on almost anything

A presentation of the devices Stadia can run on

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

With Stadia, you don't have to worry about buying expensive hardware and adding even more bulky devices to your home or bag. That's because Google designed it to work on almost any kind of device you have, including your TV, smartphone, PC, tablet, and likely anything that can run Google Chrome.

That's because Stadia relies on game streaming technology. The games are run in the cloud, and Google uses modern network and streaming technology to let you play the game on-demand as if you were streaming a movie from Netflix.

Your TV doesn't have to be smart

Chromecast Ultra cables behind tv

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

You may be wondering if Stadia is compatible with your current TV. There are no products with the technology built-in right now, but you could add Stadia functionality to any HDMI-equipped display thanks to the Chromecast Ultra.

Chromecast was originally created as an affordable streaming device that makes use of web browser technology to display content. You can stream movies, music, and even beam photos over to any TV you want through Chromecast. You can also play games, but though they're fun, the games available for it right now are really simple and can be a bit clunky.

With Stadia, Google will leverage that technology to offer console-quality gaming that only needs the aforementioned Chromecast Ultra, the official Stadia controller, and a capable internet connection, so your gaming "console" essentially fits in your pocket.

Quentyn Kennemer